Batgirl: Year One

Batgirl Year One A look into the action packed origin of the original Batgirl Barbara Gordon This volume collects the issue miniseries that uncovered Gordon s transformation from average citizen into costumed super

  • Title: Batgirl: Year One
  • Author: Scott Beatty Chuck Dixon Marcos Martin Álvaro López
  • ISBN: 9781401200800
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • A look into the action packed origin of the original Batgirl, Barbara Gordon This volume collects the 9 issue miniseries that uncovered Gordon s transformation from average citizen into costumed super heroine.

    Batgirl Year One Beatty Dec , Batgirl Year One was a lot enjoyable than I had expected shows what I know for not trying to read up on the character sooner It s a great book for all Batgirl fans and even all Bat Batgirl Year One Video Jul , Directed by Stephen Fedasz IV With Kate Higgins, Erin Fitzgerald, Lex Lang, Neil Ross Defying her father, Barbara Gordon interviews with a Detective for a spot on the force She later Batgirl Year One by Scott Beatty Batgirl Year One tells the origin story of Barbara Gordon This includes how she stumbled into becoming Batgirl, then began to to form her own identity and purpose As a similarly diminutive Batgirl Year One DC Database Fandom Batgirl Robin Year One Dixon Batgirl Year One is a full fledged origin story with Firefly and Killer Moth serving as perfect antagonists for the inexperienced vigilante Both Batman and Robin appear as supporting roles that help out

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      454 Scott Beatty Chuck Dixon Marcos Martin Álvaro López
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    • Scott Beatty Chuck Dixon Marcos Martin Álvaro López

      Scott Beatty Chuck Dixon Marcos Martin Álvaro López Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Batgirl: Year One book, this is one of the most wanted Scott Beatty Chuck Dixon Marcos Martin Álvaro López author readers around the world.

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    • 3 Stars I really wanted to love thisI was expecting more of this. Look, this is an origin story so there are things this book should have accomplished and it didn't. I know that Babs is a very well known character, more as Oracle than as Batgirl, but still, I wanted to know more of the character, I wanted to root for her from the beginning and see the motivations that inspired Barbara become Batgirl. But, you know what I got?When Barbara tells his father her wish to become a police officer she j [...]

    • Where it all began, as told by Scott Beatty and Chuck Dixon.Barbara Gordon, daughter of then-Captain James Gordon (absence of a mother and younger brother here), was a student wanting to go into the police force and set up her own detective agency. But no one, not even her dad, will take her seriously because she's "too short" (right). She takes people underestimating her to her own advantage, and is secretly more capable of espionage and butt-kicking than most full-grown adults. A couple of men [...]

    • I like Babs, a lot. But I know her much better as Oracle (a role she filled beautifully) than as Batgirl. I was excited to read Year One, to get to see more of her in the role that she's recently picked up again. (Haven't decided yet how I feel about that)Babs is a great character to lead the narration. She's witty and perceptive, and entirely determined to, in some way, follow in her father's footsteps. But she's too short to join the police, or even the FBI, so costumed crime fighting it is! ( [...]

    • This was pretty good! Babs is kind of hot here that weird? Probably. How old is she? Is she out of HS atleast? I hope so. Anyway that out of the way. I really enjoyed most of year one. It was just a cool way to see how Babs transforms into Batgirl. All the little fuck ups, all the work to get to be a major part of the batfamily, all the success and even her own villains. It stayed interesting throughout with some solid art as well. Also her and Dick are so cute together. More please. On flipside [...]

    • After reading the New 52's Batgirl, Vol. 1: The Darkest Reflection, I've had a renewed interest in Barbara Gordon's origins. I've always thought of her as the real Batgirl, even though I also thought that as Oracle she was one of the most interesting characters in the Batverse.BatverseI'm so clever! Ok. Somebody probably thought of that before, but stillAnyhoo.This was a pretty darn good origin story for Babs. In fact, the only real downside in Year One was the less than awesome (to me) art. Loo [...]

    • 2.5 stars. It's a bummer, because I loved the artwork and coloring. However, Batgirl was just plain annoying. She had a very in-your-face feminist mindset that I thought was actually kind of demeaning to women. I mean, yes, girls are just as great as guys. Obvious. So stop shouting about it every chance you get. Her reason for going vigilante seemed shallow at best: just to prove she could? And, ya know, because she wants to help, but that was her secondary reason. I liked all of the surrounding [...]

    • ¡Me encantó! Después de lo poco atrapante que me había parecido Robin: Año Uno, necesitaba un poco de esto: adictivo, divertido, interesante, buenos personajes, relaciones y situaciones. Además, los dibujos están muy bien, el guion también y ver a Batman, Robin y Batgirl juntos me dio algo fuerte. Muy recomendable.

    • Batgirl: Year One follows in the same footsteps as Batman: Year One and Robin: Year One in that the book goes back to the origin story of the character and reinvents him (or her in this case). To me, Batgirl has always had more of a fluid origin story. You can't mess with Batman's too much because the hard facts are always that his parents got killed and he takes on the villainy in Gotham City as a way to both avenge and honor them. Batgirl feels more open to different interpretations as to why [...]

    • We all have our origin stories, even us regular people. The tales we tell people when we are getting to know them in order to explain why we are the way that we are: I won the Spelling Bee in eighth grade, the recruiter came on the wrong day and didn’t offer me a scholarship to state college, my grandmother was murdered when I was twelve—the good and the bad moments that make us think and act as we do. The more interesting you are, the more we expect from origin stories, and superheroes bein [...]

    • Collecting the nine issue series written by Dixon and Beatty and drawn by Marcos Martin and Alvaro Lopez, this is an attempt by Dixon to re-write continuity into his preferred history of the BatverseChuck Dixon is obsessed with the idea that Babs Gordon is the one true love of Dick Grayson. Perhaps he's Xenophobic, I don't know, or maybe Kory's hair just bugs him. Regardless, for almost all of Dixon's run on the batbooks, he's tried to keep Dick and Babs hooked up together, and in this case, he [...]

    • Put your hands up if you're tired of having to hear about "I'm a GIRL and men HATE GIRLS and they HATE GIRL SUPERHEROES and I have a REALLY HARD LIFE buying expensive computer programming and beating people up and men PICKING ON ME because they're MEN and they HATE GIRLS" shtick. It's weak and outdated and literally THE path of least resistance in building story conflict. As a female person, I actually do have other conflicts in my life than MEN being MEAN TO ME because I have LADY PARTS, so if [...]

    • Loved loved loved. Great introduction to Batgirl Barbara Gordon. And so many easter eggs and inside jokes for those of us who already know the future of the character and story. I want more more mooooore

    • I enjoyed this book a lot! I love Babs as a character and seeing her start as Batgirl was awesome! This gives great insight into why she takes up the costume and she has to fight tooth and nail to prove that she can take care of herself and Gotham. Batman treats her pretty similarly to Dick in that he watches from afar and helps her, all the while hoping she'll give up and go back to being a normal citizen. Babs is definitely her own person and it's always great to see female characters that are [...]

    • One of the best batgirl stories ever told!Batgirl year one is just like batman year one or robin year one.Anyways in this story Barbara Gordon wants to be in the CIA yet cant cause she doesn't reach the height to become an agent.I don't get that part because in the other comics shes really tall but i bet she has her other reasons to become a hero,otherwise babs decides to become a crime fighter named batgirl. In this epic comic Barbara will face some criminals and meet with other heroes like Rob [...]

    • Lo único que realmente me molestó de este comic es la cantidad de referencias que hace al futuro de Barbara Gordon abandonando el manto de Batichica para convertirse en Oráculo, de resto, me encantó esta historia completamente enfocada en ella y lo que la hizo convertirse en una vigilante bajo la tutela del hombre murciélago. Puntos extra por mostrarnos también el origen de Firefly y por el excelente dibujo.

    • dick: "the read hair. that little burst of freckles across the bridge of her nose"babs: "the boy wonder has a crush on me? ew."lmaooo

    • Wyważone i dobrze poprowadzone czytadło z klasyczną oprawą. O tym jak niebezpieczna dla małoletniego towarzysza Batmana jest walka z przestępcami przekonałem się w Roku Pierwszym Robina. Batgirl za to pokazuje jak to jest będąc amatorem. Parę razy życie ratuje jej przypadek, często podejmuje błędne decyzje, a doświadczenie jest dla niej totalną nowością. Barbara musi zacząć zwracać uwagę na szczegóły, typu wybór elastycznej linki do przemierzania miasta, albo odpowiedni [...]

    • So, this is how it all began….Although Barbara’s motives for wanting to become a superhero (help her dad, help the city, become more than just a regular girl, be recognized for her hard efforts) are somewhat understandable, I found it a bit difficult to relate. She kept putting her life at risk effortlessly and was too competitive to receive help from a man. However, a girl helping was okay?!? Having said that, the illustrations were easy to look at and the dialogue was on point.

    • If I am being completely honest with myself this would be more of a 3.5 but the things I loved about it outweigh the bad so 4 stars it is. The villains were weak; I would have preferred that Batgirl dealt with someone a lot more mythos and personal connection than Killer Moth and Firefly on her first adventure as a caped crusader. I also was never a fan of the Barbara/Dick pairing so most of their interaction fell flat to me. The overall plot wasn't that interesting either if I am being complete [...]

    • "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result."Under that basis, why in Hell do I keep putting myself through graphic novels that I know are origin stories when I HATE pretty much every (if not all) origin stories?Since I started with Steph as Batgirl, I think she'll always be the first one that comes to mindwhich I am aware is completely backwards. I am 100% cognizant of the fact that Babs truly is THE Batgirl, yada yada yada. But honestly, I see Babs a [...]

    • I think this might be my favorite Batgirl story so far. Batgirl: Year One tells the origin story of Barbara Gordon. This includes how she stumbled into becoming Batgirl, then began to to form her own identity and purpose. As a similarly diminutive librarian, it was hard not to relate to Babs here (although the writers seem to have a strange idea on how libraries work). One of the running themes is how she is constantly underestimated, despite her skills and strong sense of determination. I found [...]

    • So much fun! Retelling of Barbara Gordon's origin story at Batgirl. The dialogue zings, and the story is totally accessible to newbie readers. At the same time, there are plenty of continuity callouts to keep long-time readers happy: the framing references to Oracle, the flirtation between Robin and Batgirl, the use of the Joker imagery.Like many, many readers, I have mixed feelings at best about the DCnU reboot of the Batgirl character, but seeing Babs at Batgirl here just makes me smile.

    • This is a great book that shows off Barbara's intelligence and unstoppable ambition. It's good to see Barbara learn about her costume and how to improve it, like getting rid of breakable heels, and getting the information she needs using her ability to access records from the police and her job as a librarian. Some interesting parallels going on between Batgirl and Killer Moth as wanna-be side kick and wanna-be villain who kinda ends up as a sidekick.~Ashley

    • I've looked around and found that there weren't that many good stories with batgirl. Most of the great stories were either in the live action or animated series. This book however is a rare gem and is a must for both fans and non fans alike. Verdict: get it!

    • 1. i love barbara so much!!!2. black canary cameos are what i live for3. ❤dick grayson❤that's all thank you

    • the art is gorgeous, the coloring is divine and the writing is fabulous. a must read for fans of Batgirl or those who just love superheroes.

    • One of my favorite comic books of all times. Babs was a dream here, I've read this multiple times already, and I love it each time!

    • Batgirl will always be one of my favotite DC charcter's because she is a girl who can kick ass and just happens to be a librarian when she isn't fighting crime.

    • DC Comics' Batgirl: Year One trade paperback collects the entire 9-issue 2003 series by Scott Beatty, Chuck Dixon, Marcos Martin and Alvaro Lopez.I'll admit to having a total fanboy crush on Batgirl, so I was eagerly anticipating this re-telling of her origin. Given the fact that Robin: Year One (Batman) was quite good and Batman: Year One is one of the greatest Batman stories ever, the bar was set pretty high for this series. For the most part, Dixon et al do not disappoint.Chuck Dixon is uniqu [...]

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