Die, My Love

Die My Love If you had to become a monster to be with the man you loved would you Or is that a question you cannot answer You see for me the problem was never should I be reborn but when That and I knew the mo

  • Title: Die, My Love
  • Author: Penelope Fletcher
  • ISBN: 1230000105715
  • Page: 111
  • Format: ebook
  • If you had to become a monster to be with the man you loved, would you Or is that a question you cannot answer You see, for me the problem was never should I be reborn, but when That and I knew the moment I saw Ben I would die Let s be honest, rumors blood drinkers are real have had the world in a grip of terror for years, and I d always known I was waiting for him DeIf you had to become a monster to be with the man you loved, would you Or is that a question you cannot answer You see, for me the problem was never should I be reborn, but when That and I knew the moment I saw Ben I would die Let s be honest, rumors blood drinkers are real have had the world in a grip of terror for years, and I d always known I was waiting for him Despite a somewhat excruciating rebirth, and a well, let s call it a disagreement with the Lycanthropes, I am embracing my new world I am excited even But there are things about my kind I do not yet know This frightens me Whispers of what these creatures really are is one thing, but the reality of what I have chosen to become That is something else entirely 18

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      Penelope Jade Fletcher is a British author of genre romance She has a number of international digital bestsellers, reaching the Kindle UK Top 100 chart in early 2011 with her third book, and the Barnes Noble Nook Top 100 chart later the same year with her fifth.Debuting at twenty two years old in 2010 with young adult fantasy Glamour, Penelope predominantly writes romance novels with supernatural elements, but recently penned a historical western, and has a regency romance in the works.Penelope has independently sold over 100,000 eBooks She loves nothing than reading Writing comes a close second.

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    • Absolutely fabulous!!!! The way it ended makes it seem like there could be more and I am praying there is. Lee killed me with her attitude and she was so headstrong with her wants and needs. I loved her. Ben was just Ben!!! I loved him too. It had it's sad moments and there was one character that I just wanted to kill but he could be very interesting if there's another.Penelope writes beautifully. All of her stories are excellent and very well thought out. The world building is great with just e [...]

    • I really enjoyed writing this novella (I know 62,000 words is a bit high for a novella, but the words wouldn't stop). Vampires are actually pretty hard to write about convincingly, so kudos to those who write whole series on them. So far people are embracing the writing style, which I am super pleased about. In case you were curious it is called Stream of Consciousness. Most of my stories use this, though Die, My Love takes it to the extreme.

    • Ok just finished this day read. It wasnt mind blowing, but it wasnt bad either. Admittedly i do like strong leading female characters in books, but i think in this case she was a little too demanding of Ben. Sometimes i just wanted to cringe & tell her to back off, hows poor Ben gonna cope with being under her thumb for all eternity?Anyway, i give this 3 stars because i liked the concept, it was a little different to what i've read before. Havent seen the 'child' concept before and i quite e [...]

    • Honestly, I found this book very hard to read in the beginning because it is written using stream-of-consciousness and this took some getting used too, it wasn't until I had read at least two chapters that I was able to make a real connection with her and that was only because Lee is not a stereotypical 'perfect' girl. She isn't supermodel skinny or extremely tall, she is completely average and she's okay with that because she knows not everyone in the world is 'perfect'. I have to admit that th [...]

    • Let's just start off by saying that Penelope Fletcher is an amazing author! She is an absolute genius with the written word.This was a wonderfully written novella. I love that Lee is stocking her love interest, Ben, in the beginning.Quote: Lee, you should probably say something so you don't look completely insane. Yes, you have practically stalked the man these past two nights. No? You're saying that was not insanity but merely curiosity? Whatever. It's beautiful that Lee is perfect the way she [...]

    • Very Good! I expect nothing less from Penelope. A great read finished it in 12 hours. OK I'm addicted to this author. FANTASTIC! I'm a great fan and can't wait to see what else happens to Lee. Strong, defiant woman/vamp story. Thank you, Penelope, for writing more. Brilliant author with a TON of potenial. Spelling errors are there but if you can see past that and focus on the characters and plot, you won't be sorry. It is a bit jumpy so read carefully. Keep up the good work!! Looking forward to [...]

    • LOVED THIS BOOK.It was great, i loved the way it pulled you in from the get go. Delicious. Breath taking and utterly dark and dreamy. i couldnt stop picturing them in my head and playing out the scenes.i like the book and i hope there is another 1 to follow.

    • this was by far my favourite of all the works i've read by Penelope. I love everything i've read, but this was amazing. Would be wonderful if there were more to come in the story.

    • Book Title: Die, My love Author: Penelope FletcherSold By: Digital DevicesGenre: Supernatural RomanceRecommended Age: +18 Reviewed By: Emily Tuley / AngelsCryHavocBlog Reviewed For: Great Minds Think Aloud Literary CommunityRating: 3.5 RavensI have mixed feelings about this book, It was good but not as good as some of the other worlds of Penelope Fletcher I have read. I found it a little hard to read through perhaps it was because it was all in first person in some areas or perhaps it was just [...]

    • I read this book not knowing it was adult but boy did I quickly find out. I have to say I generally stay towards the ya for fear of running into let's say "riskay" situations and this book was a good reminder as to why I do. I can't say I didn't like the book since I did enjoy the story and the fact that she brought the vampire genre back to it's more "ruthless" roots. However, I must say I felt like it was rushed in places and was rather stunned in others. Not to mention as much as I have liked [...]

    • OK, this is really more of a 3.5 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed the unique take on vampires, and bringing it back to it's dark and monstrous roots. I LOVED the love between the main characters, and the secondary characters really added flavour. I just found this one harder to follow since most of the book takes place in Lee's head and it could be all over the place.I felt like I might have missed bits and pieces, and I love soaking up everything an author intends (or as much as I can). Still lookin [...]

    • This is the second book by Penelope Fletcher that I've read, the first one being Lunar Light, and I have to say that if I'd read this one first I wouldn't have read a second!The style of writing in this book gave me a headache! The leading lady had no redeeming qualities and came across as self-centered and whiny. The only good thing about her, in my opinion, was the fact that she wasn't a "skinny minnie" and was described as actually having a figure.I can't actually think of anything else to sa [...]

    • I've liked PF's other books. I love Lunar Light, so I'm quite confused about this book. It doesn't even seem like her writing style. It's written like a constant stream consciousness and inner monologue. Which I found seriously irritating. The 1st person POV is fine, it's the constant inner monologue/dialogue she has with herself that I found super annoying. There's hardly any dialogue with the other characters, so not a lot of info given. This makes the whole thing confusing. I liked the story [...]

    • I really had trouble reading this. I felt like I had to read it fast to try and keep with with the thoughts of the person it was about. It was pretty much all in her head and she flitted from one thing to another without pause or reason. 'I love him he's freaky he's not human but he's so sexy and I'm plain but I do have sexy hips why am I thinking I'm all that all of a sudden is this his thoughts oh yay a squirrel!!!!!' meh Then she randomly starts thinking about herself by name.

    • WOW!!!!! Nothing but 5 stars for Die, My Love. This book was yet another wonderful book by Penelope. I love Lee and her strong will and big heart and her Ben is just as great with his power and faith in her. I don't want to say to much to ruin this book for others so you will just have to read it to learn about it's secrets and I am sure you will Love it also. All I can hope for is that there will be another book about Harmony and the twist I was not expecting at the end. :) Great Book

    • 3.5Hmmm I did enjoy this book & i did find it well written I cannot quite put my finger on what i didn't enjoy. Anyway it was interesting & i read it to the end. I do like Penelope's writing style & every other book i have read by her i have loved. Would i read another in the series? Hmm most likely not. Would i recommend this book? yeah there are a few people i can imagine enjoying it more than me. (to read this review & more like it visit - bookprotagonist/)

    • Man this book could have been so so so good! The author can write. The plot and story was interesting. Its just the fact that the damn book is all in the main character's HEAD! What the hell was that about. I mean seriously it got to be a bit much. I think the main character had ADT too, so we were all over the place at times. Insanity! Really destroyed the book. If it had only been any other point of view this would have gotton probably four stars.

    • To be blunt; I'm disappointed. I loved the first entry for THE BEAUTIFUL DAMNED, but the writing style is completely different and I couldn't get into it fully.90% of the book is comprised of the heroine's scattered thoughts and observations, so it didn't work for me. Also: I didn't buy the away she falls in love in the hero immediately - before she'd spoke to him

    • Die, My Love was well written and I enjoyed it. The first few chapters sucked me in and I couldn’t put the book down it was one of those book that you feel you need to finish right away. I hope there is sequel to this book. The end of the book finished with hope for another one. If you like romance books about vampires this is a book for you.

    • lee and ben are great charatures. lee has know her life would be different thanks to her long term friend and lover. this man she feels attracted to becomes more than a lover and his friend become more then friend as they follower her every lead,eat story line and i was drawn in from the begining i really like penelopes books. read through the all with quick pace.

    • I'm currently reading this, and although I love love love Penelope, I'm not sure this inner monologue is for me, it's seems to be throughout the whole bookybe it'll grow on meAnd did. By the end I didn't even notice it so much & I loved it!

    • I loved how the story is written. Once I received the book and started reading I couldn't seem to stop lol. But I loved that the story had variety and not be too dark or too serious. Penelope please tell me there will be a part 2 to ben and lee's story because I didn't want the book to end.

    • I enjoyed this story very much, however I did get lost a few times towards the end when it seemed like the story skipped to new scenes abruptly. I was also annoyed with so many words missing or repeated.

    • Penelope Fletcher is a very talented writer! She captivated me with the characters and the world she created in this book. It was a unique take on the whole vamp love storyline and I really enjoyed it. I will be reading more from her!!

    • Sweet lord!!! The only thing this book did for me was piss me off!! Whats with only talking to each other in your heads!! I was so annoying it gave me a head ache!! and lack of explaining anything!!

    • I should take off a star for the grammatical errors, but I can't. It was just such a good book. I love a good vampire story.

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