Wuthering Nights: An Erotic Retelling of Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Nights An Erotic Retelling of Wuthering Heights WUTHERING NIGHTSRomantics everywhere have been enthralled by Emily Bronte s classic novel of the tragic love between beautiful spirited Catherine Earnshaw and dark brooding Heathcliff The restrained

  • Title: Wuthering Nights: An Erotic Retelling of Wuthering Heights
  • Author: I.J. Miller Emily Brontë
  • ISBN: 9781478978206
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Audiobook
  • WUTHERING NIGHTSRomantics everywhere have been enthralled by Emily Bronte s classic novel of the tragic love between beautiful, spirited Catherine Earnshaw and dark, brooding Heathcliff The restrained desire between these two star crossed lovers has always smoldered on the page And now it ignites into an uncontrollable blaze In WUTHERING NIGHTS, writer I.J Miller reimaWUTHERING NIGHTSRomantics everywhere have been enthralled by Emily Bronte s classic novel of the tragic love between beautiful, spirited Catherine Earnshaw and dark, brooding Heathcliff The restrained desire between these two star crossed lovers has always smoldered on the page And now it ignites into an uncontrollable blaze In WUTHERING NIGHTS, writer I.J Miller reimagines this timeless story to reveal the passion between Catherine and Heathcliff in all its forbidden glory.Set against the stark, raw beauty of the English moors, Heathcliff, an abandoned orphan, recognizes his soulmate in wild, impulsive Catherine, the only woman who can tame his self destructive nature And Catherine cannot deny the all consuming desire she feels for him, despite his low birth Together they engage in a fiery affair one that will possess them, enslave them, and change their destinies forever

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      I have published five literary works of erotic fiction the novels SEESAW and WHIPPED, the novella CLIMBING THE STAIRS, the short story collection SEX AND LOVE I have been translated into German and Spanish WUTHERING NIGHTS, an erotic retelling of Emily Bronte s WUTHERING HEIGHTS, is out in e book, trade paperback, and audio book.Any erotic material is always there to enhance the story, develop the plot, reveal character Keep smiling

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    • mmmmokay, so i read thismetimes i am scrolling through the netgalley new releases and i shrug and think "why not??" because when things are free, there is no risk and it is too, too easy to just click.but then you have to actually read themr while it is true i will read any retelling of wuthering heights that exists, i really only read erotica/romance because it makes me laugh. but it seems rude to accept a generous netgalley freebie and then make giggles at it. so i am going to try to remain ne [...]

    • First Thought upon finishing the novel: What did I just read? Obviously, I knew that this was an erotic retelling of the beloved Bronte classic, Wuthering Heights so I was expecting some steamy scenes between Heathcliff and Catherine, Heathcliff and Isabella, Catherine and Edgar, even possibly Hareton and Cathy. What I wasn’t expecting was the following: Mrs. Linton (as in the mother of Edgar and Isabella) and a servant— Not quite so shocking and actually would have been a bit funny if the s [...]

    • If you are a regular Seductive Musings reader, you may recall that I've reviewed two previous books which sexed up a classic romance novel with less than successful results. After the most recent one, I actually went on Twitter to beg someone for an example of this writing trend that was actually done well and a pleasure to read. I am quite pleased and more than a bit surprised to report that I.J. Miller’s “Wuthering Nights” is that book.I have to admit that the original “Wuthering Heigh [...]

    • Dirty and Dominant. THAT is the Heathcliff you can expect to get in this classic retelling, WUTHERING NIGHTS. The tale that is told is exhilarating and at times totally exhausting. Author I.J. Miller takes this classic story and makes it his own by incorporating scenes of fiery passion we wish we had in the original.WUTHERING NIGHTS, like the original, is not a sweet love story full of goodness and light; it is a somewhat melancholy tale of forbidden love and all the trappings that entails. From [...]

    • A fan of kinky sexed up reinterpretation of classics, I looked forward to this book. I've never read Wuthering Heights, but I've always been told of the story's intense repressed sexual undertones. Since the Victorian age seemed to be filled with these sublimated perversions, it would be a treat to have them completely brought to light in an erotic tale.In this retelling, it just didn't work for me. While Ms. Miller did try hard to keep the tension and the star-crossed lover feel, it came across [...]

    • *Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.Wuthering Nights is a retelling of the classic Wuthering Heights but with erotica added to it.I will start by saying I have read Wuthering Heights and I hated it. The characters were detestable, the plot crappy and I finished it only so I could say I had read it. When I saw this retelling of the story but with erotica added, it had been many years since I read the original, so I decided to give it a go. From what I rememb [...]

    • Initial reaction: “Umm… ok… wow.”I requested this book because I love the classics and read this one in high school, wanting to see how “reimagined” it was… One theme that I.J. Miller definitely kept is this:In both Wuthering Heights and Wuthering Nights, I love the books whilst also wanting to cause major bodily harm to the majority of the main characters. Vain, selfish, hateful, spoiled and spiteful creatures, the lot of them.What I found interesting is that, though somewhat shoc [...]

    • When I saw the title of this one, and that it was an erotic retelling of the classic novel, Wuthering Heights, my interest was grabbed. There are a number of authors who go about adding his or her own spin to stories from the literary canon. Wuthering Nights stuck out from many other similar titles out there.What I found in this novel is that Miller made use of a well-written characters and a story line but really made it a story of its own. From the start, I was drawn into the setting of the He [...]

    • I wanted to read this book since the author occasionally is a featured presenter at my Erotic Literary Salon. First a confession, I have never read "Wuthering Heights," so I'm reviewing as a stand-alone novel.Couldn't put it down, definitely a page-turner and the first time using my Kindle, so I just kept clicking faster and faster. Read it before sleep and had the most glorious of dreams.I'm certain none of the heated scenes were in the original; otherwise the book would surely have been banned [...]

    • OMFG! WTF did I just read? Emily Bronte must be turning in her grave. I realised this wasn't for me when Heathcliff (*swoons*) and Nelly did "things" (I can't even write the words) to each other. HELL NO! Edgar Linton gave Catherine a sensual body massage. JESUS NO! Heathcliff described as having a "serpent" and saying "Fuck my cock". NO! NO! NO! This is just WRONG! I am mentally scarred for life. I am to blame for thinking that an erotic version of my all time favourite book was a good idea. NE [...]

    • This book was one of the hottest retellings of literature that I have ever read. It was dark, erotic and haunted my dreams for many nights. Heathcliff and Cathy are portrayed true to their characters. The story offers a much deeper insight to the psychological workings behind the scenes of all the players and gives new life to the loves and lusts of each of them. Even at the darkest parts of the story, I was enraptured by I.J. Miller's retelling of this epic novel. Forever more I will have them [...]

    • Miller, I.J. and Emily Bronte. “Wuthering Nights: An Erotic Retelling of Wuthering Heights”, Grand Central Publishing, 2013.Adding the EroticAmos LassenWe will never know how Emily Bronte would feel about I.J. Miller’s retelling of her story about the love between Heathcliff and Catherine but I think it is a wonderful read. When the book arrived, I showed it to one of my neighbors who remarked, “They can’t find anything new to write about, so they ruin our classics”? I simply replied [...]

    • NOTE: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewWHAT I LIKED:Before I begin, I must admit to having never read the original Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. To be perfectly honest, I had a hard time reading any of the classics. They generally bored me, much as it shames me to admit that. If only they'd been written like this oneI jumped on the chance to review this solely because it was a new author and I was curious to read an erotic historical romance. I' [...]

    • It's difficult today to encounter certain 19th-century literary characters without thinking there's a med for that. Case in point: Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. Controversial in its time for its unflinching portrayal of brutish mental and physical cruelty, the novel served as a tipping point for me. After it, I wouldn't willingly read another novel of its temperament unless a professor's syllabus demanded it.But now comes an erotic retelling of the classical, Wuthering Nights, and it does th [...]

    • **I was privileged to received an ARC copy from the author in exchange of an honest review.**Well in all honesty I was a bit apprehensive with this story, I always found the original version so full of drama and at times I found Catherine infuriating and bratty, obviously the author follows the original story but I now realised that what the original was lacking was a release of all the sexual tension that the leads hadn't been able to fully explore.Of course is an adaptation so the essence cann [...]

    • Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte is my favorite novel, but this didn't stop me from checking out L.J. Miller's version of the beautiful and tragic tale. I have to admit that L.J. Miller is a very good writer and that there is a good balance between describing the erotic scenes and the rest of the plot. However, there are certain scenes that really bugged me and got under my skin after awhile. I couldn't help labeling the Heathcliff in this version as a sexual predator, a rapist. Perhaps that's [...]

    • I'd been wanting to read/reread Wuthering Heights because I couldn't remember it and it seemed like a good time to get a refresher. So imagine my joy when it turned out my library had it available as a dloadable audio book!And then imagine my horror when I realized that I hadn't downloaded Wuthering HEIGHTS, but Wuthering NIGHTS instead. I had even thought that the cover seemed weird, but that hadn't stopped me in progressing towards disappointment. And, oh, a disappointment it was.Honestly, I s [...]

    • I won a copy of this book through First Reads.For those who enjoy romantic classics and often wish that it was socially acceptable to go into further detail, this book will certainly please you. I.J Miller kept the spirit of the book alive and gently wove her touches along its pages, blending both modern and classic elements without going overboard. The language was kept true to the period, something that often breaks a novel for me no matter how engaging the plot and characters may be. I only h [...]

    • Hey, all! My name's Codey and I'm only an occasional reader of erotica, but I have to say this is one of the more exciting and interesting ones that I've read. I read the original awhile ago in college, but this book brought it all back. I thought the whole thing was super sexy and also thought-provoking (something you don't often see in erotica). It wasn't a run of the mill romance with all sweetness and fluff. Miller explores some dark and deep issues and has a vivid, captivating style. He kno [...]

    • Talk about intense. Kind of expecting the usual mashup, but this book takes you on a very passionate journey. There are times you want to kick Heathcliff in the ass and give Catherine a good shake. But their love is true and the story never lets go of that. The eroticism has extra sizzle because it seems so real, so appropriate to the story. No doubt if Bronte was looking for the Fifty Shades audience she would have gone this route. Only this chick can write! And so can Miller. Hard to figure ou [...]

    • I really, really enjoyed this book. I was a big Bronte fan growing up as well as a lover of romance novels, so the combination of the two was quite the treat. I think Miller does a great job intertwining his style with Bronte's. I also think he takes a really creative spin on the characters. It's also just a really fun read. I also liked his take on Heathcliff. It was also cool how he focused on the next generation within the book, which is something you didn't get to see as much in the original [...]

    • I have not read Wuthering Heights and need to do so, however this as a stand alone was great! Heathcliff and Catherines story rivals Romeo and Juliet in my book! Great read

    • This review (and an interview with the author) also appears on Reading with Analysis.I dithered on what rating to give, but I finally decided on 3 stars. Bottom line: There is a considerable amount of questionable content in this book, but it is a fascinating read nonetheless, and I highly recommend it to any reader who wants an interesting (though not necessarily pleasant) book that is jam-packed with erotic interludes.I love mashups. So when given the opportunity to check out a mashup between [...]

    • Talk about not your normal take on a classic book. Believe me this is so not the Wuthering Heights you know from the original classic. I enjoyed this book and how the author threw in some erotica for this old tale. A definite retelling with a whole new perspective. The book has a excellent description of the place, a clear plot, and great characters. A must read for any and all erotica lovers everywhere.

    • It is a very er detailed version of Wuthering Heights. It's still aggravating and violent and cruel. The author added in the love scenes to smooth out the edges but not enough. It was overdone and all the characters were terrible.

    • Wuthering Nightsby Emily Bronte and I.J. MillerAn erotic retelling of Wuthering Heights. The story of the love between Catherine Earnshaw and the brooding Heathcliff. This retelling tale reimagines the scenes between these two lovers and adds smoldering heat and passion that is just under the surface in the other story. Catherine is a beautiful and spirited young lady when her father brings home the orphan, Heathcliff. They become fast friends and are soon inseparable. As the years go by Catheri [...]

    • Reviewed by RobinBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookThis was kind of a fun book to read. I was always a fan of Wuthering Heights having read the book by Ms. Bronte and also watch the movie adapted from said book. I think I fell in love with Heathcliff as a young girl in Jr. High/High School, he was the bad boy a little and so very handsome. So I thought okay it makes sense to take a classic to the next level. Things stayed the same but the sex [...]

    • Upfront confessions: 1) I won a free copy of this book from the First Reads program. 2) I have never read or seen a movie version of Wuthering Heights and before reading this, the most I knew about Wuthering Heights was Bella's obsession with it in Twilight and a brief wiki read to see how and why Bella loved this book so much. 3) I've tried to read WH before and failed. When I saw this title, I thought this might be a way to pull me in to reading the classic. It worked, WH is on my to read lis [...]

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