Le relazioni pericolose

Le relazioni pericolose Romanzo epistolare lucido e amaro altamente drammatico implacabile atto d accusa contro i costumi della nobilt cortigiana il libro suscit grande scandalo nella Francia del XVIII secolo Laclos prese

  • Title: Le relazioni pericolose
  • Author: Pierre Choderlos de Laclos Maria Teresa Nessi
  • ISBN: 9788811131151
  • Page: 421
  • Format: ebook
  • Romanzo epistolare lucido e amaro, altamente drammatico, implacabile atto d accusa contro i costumi della nobilt cortigiana, il libro suscit grande scandalo nella Francia del XVIII secolo Laclos presenta il quadro realistico di una societ moralmente dissoluta e crudele attraverso gli intrighi intessuti da due libertini senza scrupoli un visconte e una marchesa perRomanzo epistolare lucido e amaro, altamente drammatico, implacabile atto d accusa contro i costumi della nobilt cortigiana, il libro suscit grande scandalo nella Francia del XVIII secolo Laclos presenta il quadro realistico di una societ moralmente dissoluta e crudele attraverso gli intrighi intessuti da due libertini senza scrupoli un visconte e una marchesa per giungere, attraverso il raggiro e senza la minima cura per l altrui rovina, all autentico possesso, fisico e morale, di altri esseri gravitanti attorno al loro mondo.

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    • Pierre Choderlos de Laclos Maria Teresa Nessi

      Pierre Ambroise Fran ois Choderlos de Laclos was a French novelist, official and army general, best known for writing the epistolary novel Les Liaisons dangereuses.A unique case in French literature, he was for a long time considered to be as scandalous a writer as the Marquis de Sade or Nicolas Edme R tif He was a military officer with no illusions about human relations, and an amateur writer however, his initial plan was to write a work which departed from the ordinary, which made a noise, and which would remain on earth after his death from this point of view he mostly attained his goals, with the fame of his masterwork Les Liaisons dangereuses It is one of the masterpieces of novelistic literature of the 18th century, which explores the amorous intrigues of the aristocracy It has inspired a large number of critical and analytic commentaries, plays, and films.Cyrillic profile

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    • Dangerous Liaisons improves as it progresses. I was tempted to abandon it, but I persisted and am glad, for--although this epistolary novel of the last days of the ancien regime initially appears to be stylish but superficial--it soon grows in both subtlety and power. Many of the difficulties of the book are perhaps inevitable in any work that chronicles seduction in epistolary form. The letters of the wicked are elegant, the letters of the good are instructive, but the letters of the naive and [...]

    • By the second letter, the film "Cruel Intentions" bloomed in my mind. I never even bothered to learn where that movie was adapted from. Now, I'm quite happy to have come upon this book ( I just love the "Surprise Yourself" stack at my library). I was intimidated at first, but after a few pages, I was hooked. This is deliciously devious and entertaining! On the surface, reading "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" is no more difficult than following a very long Facebook conversation thread (even better if [...]

    • «Η επανάσταση έγινε απο τους φιλήδονους». «-Έχει αναβαθμιστεί η ηθική;-Έχει υποβαθμιστεί η ενεργητικότητα του κακού;-Η μωρολογία έχει αντικαταστήσει το πνεύμα;"Το γαμήσι και η δόξα απο το γαμήσι είναι άραγε πιο ανήθικα απ'τον σημερινό τρόπο με τον οποίο λατρεύουμε και με το [...]

    • An absolutely magnificent novel! To think that it was published in 1782, seven years before the French Revolution. Liberté égalité fraternité! It has been argued that the novel thus caught a doomed aristocracy distracted by decadent and libertine ways that would soon be its undoing. The gift the novel's main characters display for casuistry, calumny, prevarication and cynical self-involvement takes the breath away. The novel is so tightly wrapped, so self-referential, that I doubt I will fin [...]

    • Oh the painful brilliance of these letters!Someone recently said to me that it is sad that people have stopped writing old-fashioned letters, being so much more personal and private than the frequently impolite, monosyllabic insults people tend to spit out on Twitter, Facebook and in various comment threads on the internet. I agreed, but continued to think about it, and all of a sudden, this epistolary novel came to my mind in all its passionate evil power.Choderlos de Laclos certainly is a perf [...]

    • Letter 94. Viscomte de Rayner to the CommunityThis morning, I thought of M. de Laclos's charming novel for the first time in years, when an interfering busybody saw fit to edit my Quiz question about it. I was forced to spend an hour checking the text, so that I could thoroughly refute her misconceptions about Cécile's role in the story, and I trust I shall hear no more from the vile creature. But, none the less, I am grateful to her, since she reminded me that I should read it in the original [...]

    • Definitely the best epistolary book I have ever read and probably one of the best novels displaying the double morale in the eighteenth century Paris.Monsieur de Laclos masters the style, creating two hero-villain characters whom, although monsters without scruples, one can't help to admire. They are playful, amusing, witty and skillful in the art of deception. They are also vain, prideful creatures who seek their own pleasure without caring for the outcome of their poor victims.Marquise de Mert [...]

    • When you rate a book, do you consider the introduction (written by a different person), appendices, blurbs and entries in ? I mean do you consider the historical background of the story? the life story of the author? it's impact to whatever since its first publication? Or you ignore all of them and just rate the story as if you do not know anything about those?Two schools of thought. I know some people just read and then rate the story only. I know some who read not only the whole book but every [...]

    • Come back, my dear Vicomte, come back.Thus starts this tale of deceit and corruption through seduction, with a summons from the Marquise de Merteuil to her confidante and former lover, the Vicomte de Valmont.Unknown to Madame la Marquise, this seemingly innocuous petition will set the snowball in a downwards motion, because M. le Vicomte is at present visiting his aunt, where he’ll meet and become half-obsessed and half-enamoured with the virtuous and too melodramatic and hand-wringing Présid [...]

    • One of my all time favourite books, Les Liaisons dangereuses is a tour de force written entirely in letters. It is the only literature that nobleman Laclos every wrote but he hit a grand slam with this one. Intrigue, sex, betrayal - it is a gripping story told in the margins between the written word and the gaps between the letters. Hard to describe without spoiling the pleasure of potential readers, suffice it to say that the movie (as awesome as Uma and Close and Malkovich were in the 1988 fil [...]

    • This is one of the most intriguing classics I’ve read in a long time. At first glance it didn’t seem to me as though a book that consists entirely of series of letters written between various people would be interesting, but this was the 18th Century, when letter-writing among the French aristocracy was obviously an art form so each letter is written in beautiful language with such detail and emotion, each with the unique tone of its author.At the centre of this novel are the main characters [...]

    • I'm amazed, these two principal characters that are the very incarnations of malice have incredibly salient and correct anecdotes about love and the beauty of sex considering they use it to humiliate others. While the woman (Merteuil) is an expert in deciphering and deconstructing human emotions and its repercussions, Valmont is a virtuoso of reading human reactions even in the slightest form of subtle and heavily-attempted hidden gestures; which enables him to translate it to the emotions of hi [...]

    • I love this book to distraction. Quite literally. It has almost exclusively occupied my every thought ever since I started it, and undoubtedly wins the Book That Has Affected Me The Most in 2015. Simply put, it is wonderfully twisty, delightfully witty and shockingly scandalous. It will make you laugh, sigh, wonder, exclaim, and, if you're anything like me, hold you under its spell for a long time. Set in 18th century France before the Revolution and written in epistolary form, Les Liaisons dang [...]

    • C'est vraiment très bon!Illustrations par Georges Barbier (merci Book Portrait!)(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]book-graphics/2013["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]> [...]

    • ChronologyIntroductionFurther ReadingTranslator's Note--Dangerous LiaisonsAppendix 1: Additional LettersAppendix 2: Selected Adaptations of 'Dangerous Liaisons'Notes

    • If I were the sort of boner who ran a creative writing night class I might level that grievous accusation at this Gallic favourite—how it “tells” everything and doesn’t “show.” And if you were a frightfully witty sort, you may reply: “Duh. It’s written in letters.” And such a Daria-strength comeback would be entirely appropriate: this is an epistolary novel where effusive aristocrats compose long-winded letters about their schemes and feelings and dire circumstances, with littl [...]

    • Only a country like France, which takes sex seriously with a smile, asBritain does snobbery with a snoot, could produce this ironicnovel. (Laclos withdrew following his unsettling classic of sexual manners, 1782). Valmont-Merteuil reign high on my list of literary favs. Overbred, overindulged, the ex-lovers become sexual conspirators after tossing other partners. Sex for them is an intrigue of shared espionage.Urbane, amusing, they strike a cynical assault on society.The psychological rewards ar [...]

    • Oubliez les théories et vos cours de lettres du lycée : j'ai compris le fin mot de la littérature. En fait, un bon livre, c'est comme une bonne paire de chaussures. - Le bon livre, comme la bonne paire de chaussures, est agréable à regarder : il a du style et de jolis couleurs ; on retrouve une atmosphère dans l'entrelacement de ses motifs, et on finit par ne plus pouvoir s'en passer.- Le bon livre, comme la bonne paire de chaussures, ne s'use pas avec le temps : non seulement c'était for [...]

    • The 18th century is a tough nut to crack. Its most famous books are boring. It's an explosively smutty era, but even most of the smut isn't that great. But there are a few weird gems that slip through the cracks: the furious Candide; the sensational Monk; and the masterpiece of smut Dangerous Liaisons.Epistolaries were big back then, and LaClos makes better use of letters than anyone since Shakespeare; it'll take Wilkie Collins to match him. The letters are the plot, making this metafiction; the [...]

    • What a deliciously wicked story.This dramatisation from the cast of the Donmar production is worth listening to for Janet McTeer alone. Her Marquise de Merteuil was incredible. Sensual, scathing, scandalous. If you are new to Laclos, this is a great place to start. I read an English translation many years ago and loved it, but this version brought it to life for me. It has left me wanting to read the original, and i'll be purchasing it after finishing the review (yes, i'm THAT enthused).It seems [...]

    • An Excellent work on human malice. The protagonist "Marquise de Merteuil" can't be any more wretched and brilliant at the same time. “Marquise De Merteuil: When I came out into society I was 15. I already knew then that the role I was condemned to, namely to keep quiet and do what I was told, gave me the perfect opportunity to listen and observe. Not to what people told me, which naturally was of no interest to me, but to whatever it was they were trying to hide. I practiced detachment. I lear [...]

    • I wonder, if I had read this book when I was 21 instead of 31, would I have saved myself a good deal of grief concerning relationships? This book masterfully exposes every kind of grief there is. But, I think that like the innocent characters in the book, I wouldn't have understood it at the time. When attempting to navigate love, one always messes up somewhere. Some of us stomp around like a yeti, lol. While others are deft and cruel. Toss both these sorts of people together into a restrictive [...]

    • Aside from the fact that Les Liaisons Dangereuses has a tight, efficient plot and well-constructed characters, what's most impressive about it is how well it works as an actual epistolary novel. Instead of Clarissa writing for 18 hours a day, what we have hear are short (1-2 pages, sometimes less) letters, of the length that people might actually write to one another, and multiple correspondences, in order to keep the story fresh and told from multiple perspectives. In addition, the letters beco [...]

    • "Fragonard amoureux" Exhibition at Luxembourg Museum Paris.Everyone knows Fragonard and his gallant paintings. The exhibition is splendid. A firework of pleasure and sensuality. The force of Jean-Honore is that he never was vulgar. No pornography as we can see in others painter's work of this time. All is suggested, in particular with the pillows or thwarts. A remark of the conservative intrigued me. Starting from 1770, Jean-Honore gives up the libertinage as model for inspiration. Happiness is [...]

    • Affascinante, intrigante, pervaso da una cattiveria insolita e stravagante. Ha l'indubbio pregio di far apparire un secolo per quello che è: un trionfo della malizia, della perfidia e dell'inganno, tutti nascosti sotto una bella maschera di moralismo, subito stroncato da una penna audace e moderna.E' forse uno dei romanzi epistolari che ho meglio digerito.

    • Υπέροχη πλοκή , εξαιρετικοί χαρακτηρες , ζηλευτά γράμματα . Και όχι δεν είναι ηθικοπλαστικό ανάγνωσμα .

    • L’umanità non è perfetta in nessun caso, né nel male né nel bene. Il malvagio ha le sue virtù come l’onesto ha le sue debolezze.Romanzo epistolare?? MEEEEEEEH!Personaggi cretini e innamoramenti lampo?? Per carità, piuttosto strappatemi gli occhi!Eppure Cinque stelle, ebook nella cartella dei Best e copia cartacea ordinata :3Il merito della riuscita del romanzo va sicuramente alla formidabile coppia Visconte di Valmont/Marchesa de Merteuil che ho amato tantissimo!Ora: mi rendo conto di [...]

    • Reading this epistolary novel is like having a panic attack in a mirror maze. You feel trapped, lost in the logic of a game so wicked and twisted that no player is ever supposed to win more than he loses. A cruel chess game in which the pieces are the players themselves - mercilessly, cold-bloodedly moving each other. Paris, last decades of the 'ancien régime' and its magnificent, triumphant amorality. The Marquise de Merteuil is certainly not the kind of woman who cries over a lost lover. She [...]

    • A literary tour-de-force, this book is a magnificent, perverse story of manipulation, seduction, betrayal and deceit. Published a few years before the French Revolution, Laclos allegedly meant it as a slap to the face of the decadent aristocracy, their abuse of position and power, their immoral and depraved conduct and hypocrisy.Told in a clever epistolary format, this is the story of an intrigue instigated by the bored Marquise de Merteuil; a former lover, the Comte de Gercourt is to marry a yo [...]

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