Eternal Mercury

Eternal Mercury Can true love survive the boundaries of death Eighteen year old Chelsee Taylor has been in love with her boyfriend Max since they started kindergarten together She has no idea that high school gradu

  • Title: Eternal Mercury
  • Author: Elaine Pinter
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  • Page: 493
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  • Can true love survive the boundaries of death Eighteen year old Chelsee Taylor has been in love with her boyfriend, Max, since they started kindergarten together She has no idea that high school graduation will be the last perfect day of her life After a deadly car accident, Chelsee refuses to accept Max s death because she can still feel his presence No one believes heCan true love survive the boundaries of death Eighteen year old Chelsee Taylor has been in love with her boyfriend, Max, since they started kindergarten together She has no idea that high school graduation will be the last perfect day of her life After a deadly car accident, Chelsee refuses to accept Max s death because she can still feel his presence No one believes her and she is completely alone Until Blake Andersen shows up It s not just that he believes her or even just that he s so understanding But why is Max s presence so strong when she s with Blake Eternal Mercury is two books in one Book 1, Chelsee s Story, is bittersweet and moving, while Book 2, Blake s Story, is gritty and inspirational.

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    • Elaine Pinter

      Elaine Pinter lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband and son When she s not hanging out with them, she s jotting down ideas for her next novel in the tattered notebook she carries everywhere.Her writing journey began in June of 2012 when a reading spree set off an unexpected chain of events After poring over the pages, her own ideas began to appear and she found herself glued to her laptop after her family went to bed every evening In January of 2013, her first young adult romance, Eternal Mercury, was published The late nights continued and Between the Starlight was published almost three years after that very first keystroke.She s one of those hopeless romantics who believes love always wins and that the best stories are the ones that drag you through the tears and reward you with a smile when all the pieces fit together perfectly in the end.

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    • This novel definitely takes you through an emotional wringer. It didn’t just bring tears to my eyes, but actually made me cry, repeatedly. Pinter tackled some very tough topics in a very tactful yet approachable manner that lets you really see them for what they are. When all is said and done I want to say that I couldn’t put this novel down, but that isn’t entirely true. I read part 1, Chelsea’s story, in a single sitting and was so emotionally wrung out that I had to force myself to pu [...]

    • I loved the cover because it was very fitting. I was completely blown away by this story because it took me off guard. I wasn't expecting to connect to the characters as much as I did. I also wasn't expecting to feel so much emotion. I hate to cry!!!! Oh well, some things are worth shedding tears for. Chelsee is such a strong and resourceful girl. When everything in her world turned upside down, she found a way to battle through and come out on top. I don't know that I would be that strong. She [...]

    • Chelsee Taylor's life is perfect. She is graduating from high school, has great family and friends and a fantastic boyfriend, Max. A tragic car accident changes everything. Max dies and she has to find a way to live life without him. She still feels his presence, which helps her, but nobody wants to hear about that; they just want her to move on. She meets Blake Andersen and is finally able to find a way to heal.This story is fantastic! It's really two books in one. The first book tells Chelsee' [...]

    • **I received this book for free from the author in exchange for my honest opinion** Once I am done bawling like a baby and can think clearly, I will write my review for this. For now, I have this to say: This was an AMAZING book. But why couldn't he have accepted the heart transplant at the end of the book?! My heart is breaking, and it's not even a true story!! Okay, okay, I know it's been MONTHS since my first part of this reviewI just couldn't handle writing my review. I STILL cry sometimes w [...]

    • Eternal Mercury by Elaine Pinter is based on a teen romance. This book started out perfect when Chelsee Taylor was graduating with her boyfriend Max. Sadly the next day she got into a car crash with Max and wakes up to the news that Max passed away. Chelsee however refuses to believe this because she still feels his presence. This all changes when she meets Blake Anderson. Somehow Chelsee's Max feeling as she calls it, is stronger when she is with Blake. Then again Blake understands her more an [...]

    • *I won a copy of this book in an online giveaway.*This is a YA romance with a unique twist to it, and just a dash of paranormal. I’ve read several contemporary YA books lately that begin with kind of dark premises. Like teens dying from cancer, as in THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green, and A TAYLOR-MADE LIFE, by Kary Rader. This is the first YA book I’ve read that deals with car accidents, death, and what survives after death. I’ve never read a YA that deals in detail with hospitals and [...]

    • This was a very heartfelt story about loss and organ donation and healing and finding love again! I always read the blurbs for books before I choose which ones I'm going to read and review but then usually so much time passes before I actually do my review that I forget what the book was supposed to be about. That happened with this book! I started reading it and thought that it felt more like a paranormal type book which was fine with me because I like that kind of book. But then it changed, an [...]

    • In Boise Idaho, a young man's 'flu turns suddenly serious, and friends and family grieve. A life of doing just what he wants seems meaningless and wasted now it might all end. But what if there's more to life than fun, and more to memories than just recollections of the past? And what if true love endures in more than just the hearts of the living? Told in the voices of two very different protagonists, Eternal Mercury invites readers into a grieving girl's heart, gradually expanding her horizons [...]

    • Eternal Mercury is a teen romance novel (in reality two intertwined novels) with a strong dose of the supernatural. Ceecee is a young lady just out of high school who finds her life turned head-over-heels by a tragic accident. She fights through her loss to discover a love that doesn't die and that redemption is quite possible, even for the most dissolute. I found the characters to be both strong and likable. Ceecee is strong and sure of herselfi found myself rooting for her. Blake, at once char [...]

    • I'm so lucky I got to read this book. (Thanks to Elaine) I just finished it yesterday and have already recommended it to people! As soon as I started it, I knew it was going to be good. I was waiting to see how the accident would happen and then I was already hooked and seeing what went on with Chelsee. It was killing me to get to the part of who Blake was. I did not want to put this book down! When I finished the first part with Chelsee, I was thinking wow there's no way that Blake's story coul [...]

    • I received this book as a First Reads selection yesterday. I thought the storyline sounded interesting and settled down to read. I had no idea that it would bring me to tears and touch me in so many ways. This story is so beautifully crafted and intense without crossing the line into maudlin. Chelsee, Max and Blake are brought together by fate and you will be cheering them on through your tears!I highly recommend this book to everyone! Be sure to have a box of Kleenex because you will need them [...]

    • WOW WOW WOW! This book was awesome. There are not words to express how much I loved this book. I was moved to tears through nearly the entire book. Some tears of sadness and some of happiness. Chelsee has very believable reactions to the death of Max and in her relationship with Blake. Blake has difficult experiences with his/Max's heart. Together they are great. I loved the format of reading the stories in different books instead of just different chapters. I am so glad that I read this book. I [...]

    • I received a copy of this for free through GoodReads First ReadsI really hope that this book takes off and reaches alot of young adults. I think this is a book that every teenager should read. Beautifully written, with just enough life lessons. I'm really glad it started out with Chelsee's side of the story though because I think I would have hated Blake if it had started with his story. Wonderful book!

    • Full of emotion! However, very Romantic!!! :DDD Seeing both sides of the story, makes you change the way you think and see things. They both were going through their own "hell" and managed to get through. Every piece of the puzzle was connected and they saw how one person could bring happiness to many. No one ever really knows why bad things happen to them until they see all the good that came from it, especially after the heart has slowly healed.

    • All the tears! Oh, man, I have never had a book bring me to tears as much as this book. Chelsee's emotion trauma and depression really hit home for me and left me bawling. In some ways I wish the book had ended there because as much as I loved Blake as a character and enjoyed his story, for me it was all about Chelsee and her emotions.**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

    • I received the book for free through Giveaways. This book is great in many ways. It shows you the need and blessing of organ donations. You follow each side of the story in separate parts of the book: first is Chelsee's side, what happens, and how she still feels Max after he dies. Then comes Blake's side, and how Max brings him and Chelsee together. A great story, and one that needs to be considered to be read by people thinking of organ donation. I liked it and will recommend it!

    • I have been avoiding writing this review for days trying to find the words to express the emotions that this book made me feel and I still can't. It's an incredible book, so well written. It runs the full gauntlet of emotions so be well prepared and have a big box of tissues on hand.I reveived a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    • Lovely story reminding us that life is short and we should "finish well". It also explores the importance of organ donation which was great too. You do need a box of tissues handy to read this though!

    • I loved this book. It made me laugh and cry but most of all it made me feel like there is always hope in this world. We just have to find the things that make us feel happy.

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