Noctuidae An impromptu hike through an Arizona canyon leads a young woman into the paths of monsters both human and otherworldly

  • Title: Noctuidae
  • Author: Scott Nicolay
  • ISBN: 9780997251814
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • An impromptu hike through an Arizona canyon leads a young woman into the paths of monsters both human and otherworldly.

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      Scott Nicolay Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Noctuidae book, this is one of the most wanted Scott Nicolay author readers around the world.

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    • A cosmic horror tale fueled by human tension and an unknowable presence.  The two main characters each attempt to dominate the other, sometimes taking extreme measures, while avoiding a preternatural threat.  The human elements annoyed me, but the supernatural manifestation was seductive in its silent and alien nature.  Its incomprehensible presence was both beautiful and terrifying.

    • There's more than meets the eye to this book. I mean, it's not JUST a horror story. It has elements of existentialism and insight on the inner workings of human psychology. It's a fun read because you keep reinterpreting what you just read as you read along , multiplying the emotional intensity of the material. BUT it kind of is an horror story. NOCTUIDAE is at its best when it does look straight at its own horror elements, which I thought were very bluntly introduced. The confrontation between [...]

    • Quick first thoughts on the book, maybe I'll come back and write something better later.Second piece of short fiction that I've read by Nicolay, a novella length story rather than the short story/collection of vignettes Do You Like To Look At Monsters? Neither have been a disappointment despite all the hype surrounding Nicolay, though there are some minor issues I've had with both that didn't keep me from enjoying them.A quick word about the book itself: a nice little book with a gorgeous cover. [...]

    • Short and excellent novella from Nicolay and King Shot Press. I haven't read all of Nicolay's work, but this is definitely my favorite of what I have read by him. Three hikers go out into the desert, a couple Sue Min and Ron, and Ron's friend Pete, who gives Sue Min the heebie jeebies. They find a cave and decide to set up camp in it. Ron disappears leaving Sue Min and Pete to escape an otherworldly danger that has manifested outside the cave.The story is told from the perspective of Sue Min, wh [...]

    • Wowie wow wow!I loved this.Tension! Very tense.Atmosphere - like a Blackwood story set in New Mexico.Blackwood with a bro!More exclamation points needed!

    • ‘Noctuidae’ by Scott Nicolay is a tricky one to write a review for. It is my first time reading his work and I purchased this book purely because it was published by King Shot Press; a small press based in Oregon that releases some damn fine books. The books these guys publish are often difficult to categorize and I like that. Even I need a break from the horror genre sometimes and I have really enjoyed some of their previous releases.The fact that Nicolay is a world fantasy award winner mea [...]

    • Noctuidae is a novella about three young adults, named Ron, Pete, and Sue-Min making an impromptu hike through an Arizona canyon into the paths of monsters both human and otherworldly. That might sound like the plot for B movie. However, its still possible to do something interesting with old tropes. This well written story has at least one unique monster, interesting dialog, and an ending which caught me by surprise.The story follows the tenets of Nicolay's manifesto Dogme 2011, which can be re [...]

    • 2 1/2 starsI seem to be in the minority on this oneis is the first I've read of Nicolay, and while I can see what he was trying to achieve, it just didn't really work for me. The characters were rather flat. The protagonist is a strong female, but doesn't bother to speak up until the shit hits the fan. The most repugnant character is made to seem practically illiterate one moment, and then typical frat boy the next. I found myself more annoyed with the situation than scared. It's rather short, s [...]

    • A tense and unnerving novella, which manages to have quite a bit of depth despite it's length.The writing is excellent and despite the ambiguous and unknown elements to the story Scott manages to paint quite a picture with his words.

    • One of the key elements in any Scott Nicolay (Ana Kai Tangata) story is a keen sense of frisson. He magnifies this aspect by diving into the mind of one of the characters on such a level as to bring the reader fully into the story on multiple levels. The staging of his tales runs the gamut of possibilities, some of which include starting off with the character already steeped in a bad situation and we’re at that point where something needs to change (“after”--though, of course, then the re [...]

    • Don't let the three star rating sway you from this book. I am going to agree with a few others here and just say that the ending is divisive. I enjoyed reading this and will definitely read more from Nicolay.

    • Three canyon hikers - sweethearts Sue-Min and Ron, Ron's pal Pete (a composite of every well-earned brah stereotype). Two ranchers pitching the outset in an ominous climate that incubates lost. One cave's-maw sentinel no surrealist could cage by canvas. Attention to detail that postures uneasy in the reader's lowbelly next to - sometimes overlapping with - that which defies description. Exploration of the politics of power - in relationships, in coercion and threat of violence, in engrained raci [...]

    • Another great read by Nicolay! As with his Ana Kai collection, this is not my usual reading genre but I loved it. As it raced towards its ending my pulse quickened and my eyes scanned the pages faster and faster. All I can say is I'm really looking forward to more like this. FANTASTIC!!

    • Thoroughly unsettling story with a very strong main character. It could have benefited from being longer, I think. Read this story at night, alone. Welcome the darkness.

    • Powerful characters and unsettling tension kept me turning the pages to a surprise ending. This is a great story for those of us who don't need answers and thrive on the weird and mysterious.

    • Some very unsettling bits here; I'd also say that the "and who is the real monster" aspect of the plot is carried out well.

    • A short, gripping, suspenseful read that any lover of the weird or occult wouldn't think twice about packing along for a weekend excursion to a remote cabin.A trio of hikers go backpacking through an obscure canyon valley in southern Arizona and find more mysteries than any of them expected to encounter. Think "127 Hours" meets H.P. Lovecraft's "The Colour Out of Space." A page-turner, it should also appeal to the casual reader who has enjoyed films such as The Descent, The Hills Have Eyes, and [...]

    • I discovered this book after I began listening to the author's podcast, The Outer Dark, a weekly show in which he delves into the weird fiction movement with some very impressive guests. They have some amazingly deep conversations and analysis on the genre. So decided to support the author by picking up one of his books and giving him a try. Scott Nicolay's podcast is so intellectually stimulating that I just knew I would enjoy his books, and of course I did.I find myself drawn to stories with a [...]

    • Scott Nicolay’s “Noctuidae” (King Shot Press, 2016) continues that author’s exploration of the New Weird. Three canyon hikers — former archeologist Sue-Min, her boyfriend Ron, and Ron’s obnoxious friend Pete — set out to explore a relatively unknown canyon in Arizona. As darkness falls, they take refuge in a shallow cave. But in the depth of the night, something unspeakable emerges just outside, a sort of carnivorous flower whose extra-dimensional nature seems confirmed by the odd, [...]

    • I was very impressed with Nicolay's collection "Ana Kai Tangata" and would put him in the company of my favorite weird authors like Simon Strantzas, Livia Llewellyn, Daniel Mills, Cody Goodfellow and others who are somewhat new on the scene, relatively speaking that is.With this novella Nicolay is back in somewhat familiar territory as a couple of the stories in "Ana Kai Tangata" also involve cave exploration.I could almost rate this at four stars. It's a fun read, but two complaints: First, I t [...]

    • A Hike, a Climb, a Night of Incredible TensionYou don't read a Nicolay storyyou EXPERIENCE it. With NOCTUIDAE, the wilderness of New Mexico is brought to life. The story felt like an article in OUTSIDE, and I was with Sue-Min through every moment. Her fears in the story--confronting nature, sexism, strangers--are very real. The dangers mount, build upon each other, and then are peeled back to reveal a darker reality underneath. Something Other is waiting out there.Nicolay knows his environment. [...]

    • I think my expectations for this were WAY too high going in. I was expecting Laird Barron level magnificent new horror, and it was just okay. Not nearly as creepy as I thought it would be. Plus strangely sexist at some points even though I think the author was deliberately trying to write an un-sexist character/scenario?

    • Some questionable characterization knocked this down a star, and almost another. But the good here is really good.

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