Dirty Talk

Dirty Talk New York Times bestselling author Tess Oliver brings you a sexy new adult romance DIRTY TALK Book of the Bluefield Bad Boys series Sometimes you spend your life looking for something and find o

  • Title: Dirty Talk
  • Author: Tess Oliver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New York Times bestselling author, Tess Oliver, brings you a sexy new adult romance, DIRTY TALK , Book 2 of the Bluefield Bad Boys series Sometimes you spend your life looking for something and find out it s been right in front of you the whole damn time The premature death of his dad and a tumultuous childhood has left coal miner, Tommy Huck Sawyer, hardened to eNew York Times bestselling author, Tess Oliver, brings you a sexy new adult romance, DIRTY TALK, Book 2 of the Bluefield Bad Boys series Sometimes you spend your life looking for something and find out it s been right in front of you the whole damn time The premature death of his dad and a tumultuous childhood has left coal miner, Tommy Huck Sawyer, hardened to emotion and relationships Andi Sullivan is the one woman who can break through that tough exterior But Andi, the twin sister of Tommy s best friend, is destined for better things, away from her harsh father s control and their sooty mining town It seems everything is against Tommy ever having the one thing his heart wants most.Andi Sullivan has achieved her life s goal of a successful nursing career in the city, away from her hometown She s even started dating a doctor Everything is perfect and dreamy most Something, or someone, is pulling at her heartstrings, pulling her back to Bluefield, the place she was so anxious to leave When an accident pushes Tommy Sawyer, her troubled childhood friend, back into her life, Andi soon finds herself torn between two worlds and two happy endings.WARNING contains adult content Intended for readers 18 WHAT READERS ARE SAYING I devoured this book in a day Monique I love this series it s my new favorite from Tess Heather I was hooked, lined and sunked Keri Job well done on another fab book Tess, my hats off to you Sasha

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      Tess Oliver is a teacher and writer who lives in California with her husband, kids and a small pack of pampered dogs She loves horses, chocolate and Jane Austen books.

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    • Gracias por un final mas decente, gracias A veces esta autora te hace el corte de la vida y es la última linea y tu como: "¿What?". Tommy me parecio super dulce, si parece que se desmayaba con Dawson el hermano de Andi, pero es que la quiere tanto que AWWWW Son lindos y me encanto que Andi fuese decida Asi que liked it!

    • These Bluefield bad boys are something else!!! Hot as hell for sure!!! Big, burly, tattoos and fierce love!!! They know how to make a girl swoon!!! I love this series and these miner men are definitely something you want to check out!!! Quick hot read!!!

    • 3.5 Este me gustó más que el primero pero tengo un horrible problema con los finales de Tess. Al inicio todo va bien, pero es la segunda vez que al final se apresura en las partes en las que bien podrían ser un poco más desarrolladas, y esos finales súper abiertos son lo peor, más porque en los siguientes libros no se habla tanto de los personajes principales de libros anteriores.

    • I'm so on the fence with this book. I wanted to like it far more than I did. This one is Tommy and Andi's story. You find out about these two in the first book of the Bluefield Bad Boys series. They are wonderfully build up and it leaves you wanting to read Dirty Talk.My problem with this? I loved the raw, gritty feel of the first book. You don't often see books about a coal mining town, or even coal miners in general. Tess Oliver did an amazing job in the first book, but with Dirty Talk, you ta [...]

    • 2.5 - 3 stars.It wasn't bad. Could have done with less of her being with the Doctor. There was nothing there between them. As soon as he was out of the picture I felt like the book started. Which was 1/2 way in. Would have liked more couple time since it took so long for them to get together. Since the book was titled Dirty Talk, I expected more of it. There really wasn't much in the sexiness department. Wasn't anything I haven't read before. Needed an epilogue for people who aren't going to rea [...]

    • Andi's brother Dawson is protective and you add Andi's man to that mix it's just lethal for people who wronged Andi: Dawson nailed his fist against his opposite palm. “Who was he? Where the eff is he? Huck and I are going to send him to an early effing grave.” “Yeah, Sulli, who the hell did this to you?” Tommy asked with a jaw clenched like a steel trap.I love this series it's my new favorite from Tess these men have a strong bro-mance going on and I love them.

    • 4 Andi & Tommy StarsReally sweet story with a gorgeous hero who I adored. Andi was a lovely heroine. So why not 5 stars? It felt like Tommy loved Andi more deeply for longer although by the end I was convinced. Quite a quick read. This was a real heart wrencher in places in respect of Tommy's past. He is a beautifully written character. Andi grew on me through the book. The whole novel had a real 'still waters run deep' vibe

    • No cheating, there is brother drama; he's the brother's best friend, friends to lovers, but they always loved each other. She had a crappy Dr. Boyfriend but that ended, HEA.

    • Me gustó mucho el libro. Muchísimo más que es primero. Los personajes son muy tiernos. Creo que para ser un libro espectacular le hubieran faltado unas 100 hojas. La autora para del desarrollo al final en un capítulo y no le pone epílogo a los libros, algo que lamento terriblemente porque siento que algo le falta que no me termina de llenar. Me gustó y lo recomiendo.

    • This was a good second book in a series. I picked it up and sat it down once or twice. But am glad to continue the books. I will eventually get to book 3. This one I found to be more pleasant than the first one.

    • Now this was the opposite to the first book, there was a great connection between characters but I just wasn't feeling the story at all just seemed to plod along with nothing really going on. Don't think I will bother with the next one

    • Aburrido y cuando se pone bueno se acaba.Es la historia de Sulli y Tommy, ella es la,hermana gemela de su mejor amigo Dawson,Están enamorados desde pequeños pero no hacen nada hasta que se da un viaje con ellos solos. Dawson se pone furioso, lo acepta. Fin

    • I liked this series so far, but I do feel like it needs a little bit more angst or something.The characters didn't really suck me in like most of the characters in this author's other books. I didn't really get invested in them, even though I liked the premise.

    • Kindly provided with an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest reviewAgain, I am repeating my poetic's about Tesse is a brilliant author !!!.This was Huck and Andi's book and it was quite the emotional journey for these two. God Tess know's how to pull on your heart strings and she lead me on a roller coaster of will they, wont they ?.But in true Tess fashion she ensures all ends well for her readers !!!. A Must READ for a emotive and gorgeous love story.Well done Tess and many thanks for t [...]

    • This is Tommy and Andi's story and book 2 in the series about a coal mining small town. I think you would be fine starting with this book. You'd miss a little backstory of the guys, but it's added to this book in enough places to get you caught up. Andi is Dawson's twin sister and has grown up very close to Kellan and Tommy. Tommy has a major case of unrequited love for Andi. She noticed him when they were younger, but never really let herself go there because he was her brother's best friend. I [...]

    • I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Dirty Talk is the second book in Tess Oliver’s Bluefield Bad Boys series. Dirty Talk is about Tommy (Huck) Sawyer and Andi Sullivan. This book could be read as a standalone novel, but I recommend reading Dirty Shame (Bluefield Bad Boys) book #1 to get the backstory on Tommy and Andi’s characters. There are some things that happen in Dirty Shame, book #1 between Tommy and Andi that are mentioned at the beginning of thi [...]

    • I Was Provided A ARC By The Author(Possible Spoilers)Andi "Sulli" Sullivan had a plan to get out of Bluefield and out from under her over bearing father. And she did, she's a successful nurse, doing amazing at a job she loves and dating a doctor. But their is always something pulling her back to her little coal mining town. Maybe it's her twin brother Dawson and all the trouble and the cuts she's patching up for him and their friends, Kellan & Tommy. Or maybe recently its just Tommy Sawyer t [...]

    • Dirty Talk (Bluefield Bad Boys book 2) is the second book in this new series by Tess Oliver and it had everything I love in a book-an alpha male who is willing to work to get what he wants despite what life has thrown his way, and a young girl who made something of herself, and came back home to be with the people she loves. Tommy 'Huck' Sawyer is a coal miner, who has had a hard start in life, and finds it hard to love or trust anyone with the exception of his two friends Kellan and Dawson, and [...]

    • “I did have feelings, and they were all gathered and kept under lock and key for one person. Andi was that person. She was the only one with the key.”OMG!!! I’m a total sucker for these Bluefield Boys!!!! I loved this book just as much as I did the first book! This one is Tommy’s book, and boy was it good! It was the perfect mix of sweet and downright sexy. Tommy has always been a “bad boy”, but his heart is sooo big. He hasn’t had the easiest life either, but one thing has always [...]

    • Disclosure first. I was honored to receive a Arc of Dirty Talk in an exchange for an honest review. After reading the first book, Dirty Shame, I wanted to move to Bluefield. It maybe a poor town monetarily, but it is rich in loyalty. After reading Dirty Talk, my bags are packed and I am ready to go find my own Tommy. Tommy is part of the terrible trio consisting of Kellan, Dawson and himself. They have been friends forever. Tommy, like the others, is known as a man-whore. Tommy uses women becaus [...]

    • I received an ARC for an honest review. OMG I LOVE IT.Dirty Talk is the second book of Bluefield Bad Boys series.Dirty Talk I couldn't put it down. I love Tommy and Andi story. Tommy is sexy tattooed bad boy coal miner.Andi is sweet caring fun loving nurse.Andi has alway took care of her twin Dawson,Kellan and Tommy. Andi has always loved Tommy . Tommy and Dawson had a understanding that it would never happen.Andi was dating a doctort and that ended. Tommy saved Andi from a deranged nuttcase.And [...]

    • I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Dirty Talk is book two in the Bluefield Bad Boys series. It is about Tommy and Andi, the twin sister of Dawson who is also one of Tommy's best friends. Tommy has always been in love with Andi, but has accepted the fact that he is not good enough for her and she deserves better. Andi works as a nurse in the emergency department in a hospital and is dating a doctor, that she doesn't really care about. She and Tommy have been friends their whole li [...]

    • Tommy finally pulled his head out of his ass! I mean he finally stopped being a manwhore jerk. No, he finally, finally listened to his heart.Tommy has been in love with Andi forever- since girls no longer had cooties, forever! but he knew he would never be good enough for her. Tommy's life would forever be in Bluefield. He would be a miner and always have coal float in his teeth. But AndiAndi is a nurse in the city. She has been dying to get out of Bluefield since she was a child. She loves her [...]

    • I highly recommend reading Dirty Shame before reading Dirty Talk. There’s some background information about Tommy that is helpful to know. The whole time reading Dirty Shame, I knew there was a story that needed to be told about Tommy and Andi. They’d been friends their whole lives as Andi is a twin sister to Dawson, Tommy’s best friend. Andi was bandaging the scrapes of Dawson, Tommy, and Kellan (three best friends) for years before becoming a nurse. The tension between Tommy and Andi in [...]

    • Job well done on another fab book Tess, my hats off to you!! when I saw the ARC on my kindle I got giddy with happiness, I was eagerly awaiting book 2 of the Bluefield Series: Dirty Talk We were first introduced to Thomas (Huck) Sawyer and Andi Sullivan in book 1 Dirty Shame (AMAZING BOOK). Here it hints of Tommy's love for Andi, which she doesn't pick up on initially. She just thinks he's being an ass and no longer wants to be friends. Brings us to their book, with the kind of home life hinted [...]

    • "Dirty Talk" is a great follow up to the first book in the Bluefield Boys series. In this installment, we are thrusted into the world of Tommy or 'Huck' and Sullivan (Sulli). For years Huck has been trying to avoid Sulli. Why? Because he knows all to well that Sulli is meant for greater and better things. She is a top notch nurse and is dating a doctor. This is her chance to escape the poverty of the mining town of Bluefield?Sulli has been in love with Huck all of her life. They have always been [...]

    • *I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*Dirty Talk is book 2 of Tess Oliver's Bluefield Bad Boys. It is about Tommy and Andi. They've known each other all their lives and Tommy is Dawson's best friend. Dawson is Andi's twin brother. We met all these characters in the first book of this series, Dirty Shame.Tommy had always loved Andi but never felt like he was good enough for her, being a coal miner. Andi is a nurse in the emergency room and has always had feelings for [...]

    • I received a copy of this book for an honest review.Tess Oliver has once again written a winner. I adore the characters she writes they are always well developed with an intriguing and unique storyline.Tommy and Andi have had feelings for each other for years. The problem is her twin brother Dawson is a touch over protective. Since he is also Tommy's best friend he denies his feelings for her.Filling his life with no commitment sex and avoiding Andi whenever possible. He has been a jerk to her f [...]

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