Under Rose-Tainted Skies

Under Rose Tainted Skies Norah has agoraphobia and OCD When groceries are left on the porch she can t step out to get them Struggling to snag the bags with a stick she meets Luke He s sweet and funny and he just caught her

  • Title: Under Rose-Tainted Skies
  • Author: Louise Gornall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Norah has agoraphobia and OCD When groceries are left on the porch, she can t step out to get them Struggling to snag the bags with a stick, she meets Luke He s sweet and funny, and he just caught her fishing for groceries Because of course he did.Norah can t leave the house, but can she let someone in As their friendship grows deeper, Norah realizes Luke deserves a nNorah has agoraphobia and OCD When groceries are left on the porch, she can t step out to get them Struggling to snag the bags with a stick, she meets Luke He s sweet and funny, and he just caught her fishing for groceries Because of course he did.Norah can t leave the house, but can she let someone in As their friendship grows deeper, Norah realizes Luke deserves a normal girl One who can lie on the front lawn and look up at the stars One who isn t so screwed up.Readers themselves will fall in love with Norah in this poignant, humorous, and deeply engaging portrait of a teen struggling to find the strength to face her demons.

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      I m a young adult author, mental health mouth, anxious agoraphobic, lover of cheese, film nerd, book bird, identical twin, and rumoured pink Power Ranger.

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    • This was so well written and such an overall just beautiful story. You could really feel the authenticity as while this is fictional, the author herself has struggled with agoraphobia, OCD, anxiety, and self harm. However I will say I was not thrilled by the ending as I found it to be a bit rushed and too unexpected.

    • 5/5 STARS I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK. I have been devouring YA mental health novels lately so when I heard about a new release that dealt with agoraphobia, OCD AND anxiety, I could not wait to read it. It took me less than 2 days to read and I loved every single thing about it. I think I'm going to post a video review as well because I just loved it too much.The #1 thing I loved about this book is the mental health rep. If you are interested in reading more books dealing with individuals suffe [...]

    • Where do I even start?I bet many of you will like this book. Is has that type of snarky, sarcastic main character who feels real and as if she were telling us her story while simultaneously living it. She’s vulnerable and she’s strong. She’s funny and she’s morbid. She’s real.But she’s very sarcastic and says things that leave a bad taste in my mouth, such as: It’s possible I’ve ingested enough of my own fingers to call myself a cannibal.*shudders*Furthermore, I found the idea of [...]

    • Hey guys,My name is Louise and I'm the author of Rose. Thank you for giving Norah's story a shot. I really hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

    • Full review posted: From the moment I picked up this book, I KNEW it was going to be so epic that I would exit myself from real life so basically, this book has GREAT MENTAL HEALTH REP and it’s ADORABLE but also really IMPORTANT and INFORMATIVElet’s run a list of all the great things contained in this v short book- Norah is the snarky kind of relatable - Her over encompassing anxiety is described in such an accurate way - Her crippling mental illness expresses itself in physical ways and hon [...]

    • “Sometimes things are going to happen and the only way out is through.”This was my first YA romance read in quite awhile, but a number of things compelled me to pick it up:• An agoraphobic obsessive-compulsive main character written by an own voices author.• A wonderful mother/daughter dynamic.• A main character named Norah!! (I'm still obsessed with Skam but thanks to that, this show brought another positive thing into my life.)And I continued reading when I quickly came to realize th [...]

    • This book.This book, this book, this book.I'm so happy that there's finally a real and honest book about agoraphobia. While I liked Finding Audrey, I didn't think it was completely realistic. The girl skips to Starbucks within a week because of a cute boy. And while there's a cute boy in Under Rose-Tainted Skies as well, he acts like a catalyst more than a cure. He's the reason Norah wants to work to get better, but he doesn't actually make her better, which I was infinitely grateful for. Pretty [...]

    • 3.5 stars. The story revolves around Norah's struggles to live her life with agoraphobia, anxiety, and OCD. I thought these mental health issues were all portrayed well and liked that they weren't simply "cured" overnight because she met a cute guy. The guy is more of what leads her to work on everything more instead of what makes it all magically go away. Nothing felt too cheap or unrealistic. The story itself wasn't for me, though, because I haven't been able to leave my house in over 2 years [...]

    • "How can I expect people to empathise with a sickness they can't see?""You don't expect anything. You talk, you teach."

    • “Just pull yourself together! I mean, it is all in your head. Why can’t you just get over yourself?”I loved this little book……this is the first time I have read anything related to mental health issues. And it’s so different from almost anything I have read before. Yes….It’s a guy meets girl story but well…the guy meets girl when she is fishing for groceries at her front porch :PIts a story about a 17 year old girl named Norah…who suffers from anxiety, Agoraphobia and OCD. Ag [...]

    • Some books have flare, have that cover and synopsis that draws you in the moment you lay eyes on it. You know you want to read it, you know it's a genre you are absolutely obsessed with, but it's also a genre that makes it difficult to gauge what's going to be good, and what's going to be a pile of wasted potential. And under those breathtaking covers and beautiful synopses, you expect (and hope) to find a spellbinding novel, the same level of awesomeness the outside of the book promisesbut you [...]

    • 4.5TRIGGER WARNING: self harm. WARNING: this review will get super personal, if you're not interested in that I suggest skipping it. “I'm being forced to challenge ideas that have kept me safe for so long. There's an entire library of information in my head, and suddenly I can't decide if any of it is worth reading.”Under Rose-Tainted Skies was an amazing book. It was similar to Everything, Everything but better. It felt a lot more realistic than Everything, Everything and had what it was la [...]

    • Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/ “Why do people keep telling me to be myself? Honestly. It’s like they’ve never even met me.”Every now and then a certain someone takes a break from training monkeys in order to send me little treasures I didn’t even know I wanted until I received them. Under A Rose Tainted Sky is one of those. When I received a message telling me I had some goodies waiting for me if I would get off airplane mode (said monkey trainer also has to run interference [...]

    • 4.5 stars!Trigger Warning: Self Harm"Mental health is usually the last place people go when they think about someone being sick.”In general, I pretty much avoid contemporaries - especially those centred around mental health. I'm always incredibly worried that mental health would be treated inappropriately and really be more harmful than helpful. I originally heard about this book and how it dealt with similar topics like in Everything, Everything - which is not a good book in my opinion. I was [...]

    • BR WITH MY BBY MAGGIE WHO I'LL TAG I FINISHED AND IM CRYING I LOVE THIS. BEST MENTAL HEALTH REP EVER. IM CRYING. REVIEW TO COME----okay guys so far I'm halfway and honestly, THANK YOU GORNALL for this amazing mental illness rep and not making meds and therapists seem fucking evil and bad with a CUTE ASS ROMANCEE

    • WrensReads Review:Overall, I really liked this story. I thought it was more realistic than other mental-illness based books that I have read.Like:001. That Norah, our main girl, knows that she is being irrational but also knows she has to do it that way or the world will implode irrationally. 002. She calls herself crazy because, again, she knows that what she is doing is not necessary but at the same time it is necessary and she has to do it. Mental illness is weird. 003. Luke, our main dude, r [...]

    • This is a heartbreaking and accurate account of a young life lived under the burden of mental illness. This is a must read for anyone looking to further their understanding of mental health and to read from more diverse perspectives. Despite the emotional nature of the tale, I found hope buried in the darkness and a reality that, however painful, was a necessary one to read about.

    • 2.5 stars. This one just didn't work for me.Norah is agoraphobic, has OCD, and has not left her house in years apart from trips to the doctor. Her life is pretty much limited to what she can experience online. The only human being she has regular face to face contact with is her devoted and protective mother. Then a cute boy moves next door. For some reason, Luke finds Norah intriguing, if also a bit odd. They strike up a friendship of sorts, which mostly involves Norah staring at him through a [...]

    • I am not diagnosed with OCD or agoraphobia so I cannot comment on the representation but I enjoyed this a lot. :)

    • 4 Stars for Under Rose-Tainted SkiesTrigger Warning: Self Harm"When people say "weird", what they really mean is "different". And difference has never been a bad thing" - LukeThis was everything.Lately I've been wanting to read more books related to Mental Health and this has a few different factors which include: Agoraphobia, OCD, Anxiety and Depression. This may get slightly personal but sometimes I think it's good to speak about your own experiences and to know that you're not alone, I can't [...]

    • Read my full review for 'Under Rose-Tainted Skies' on my blog here girlreading/bookreviews/*spoiler alert, I loved it*I adored this completely and utterly. This is possibly one of my favourite books I've read so far this year, everything about it was wonderful. I will have a full review up as soon as I can get my head around and put into words, somewhat coherently, just how much I loved this. I highly recommend it!

    • 5 starsSince I'm the laziest person you'll meet this is the same review as the one on my blog lolThis book was the best Mental Health representation I have ever read.Louise Gornall manages to paint such a vivid image in our mind about what Norah goes through, and how a person who has Agoraphobia’s mind works. I realize that people without the illness can never realize the full extent of it, of how it works, and we can’t even pretend to understand it, but the way Louise Gornall wrote this boo [...]

    • Oh gosh this book brought tears to my eyes! It's a short story on an important matter that affects millions of people in our everyday lives. The core of this book is about how the main character, Norah copes with having agoraphobia, anxiety, and OCD. It's not an easy subject to talk about but I think the author did an incredible job to evoke the struggles and triumphs that her character faced. I found myself crying one minute to laughing in the next while also rooting for her, all along. There i [...]

    • So Under Rose-tainted Skies is the most beautiful,yet unflinching, depiction of Agoraphobia I've ever read. Uncompromising in its truth. Also astounded at how Louise makes a book set entirely in one house so compelling.

    • review also posted on Wordpress! spoiler-free review!"I've heard You don't look mentally ill at least a half a dozen times in the past four years, a couple of those times from my former friends. I blame the media, stereotyping "mental illness" and calling every murderer since Manson crazy. People always seem to be expecting wide eyes and a kitchen knife dripping with blood."Under Rose-Tainted Skies is about a girl named Norah who struggles with agoraphobia and OCD. The premise of this is similar [...]

    • 4.5 stars. Norah has severe anxiety, OCD and agoraphobia, to the point where she basically only leaves the house to see her psychologist. Then Luke moves in next door and Norah's mother ends up in hospital, leaving her alone in the house and her mental health starts to deteriorate.This book reminded me of Everything, Everything in a lot of ways. Except better, because a) Norah is actually sick and b) it's Own Voices. I had a lot of feelings for Norah. She's got so much personality, she feels tra [...]

    • This. Book. I can't sort through my emotions right now, but I am SO thankful for this book and these characters. I'm thankful that Louise Gornall introduced me to Norah. I'm thankful that she wrote the gruesome details. I have so much I want to say about this brave, dark, funny, and immensely important book. Here's my review on my YouTube channel: youtu/vo2TK_ngqbI

    • A beautiful and honest book about agoraphobia and OCD: Under Rose-Tainted Skies really is one of a kind. We follow Norah as she stays within the walls of her home - always on guard for the outside - and although her new neighbour makes things better, romance isn’t a cure-all in here: this story is about real life, and not a fairytale.“But something doesn't feel right. My mind is attempting sabotage, refusing to find the beauty, the fun, the exciting in watching what are essentially pretty ex [...]

    • This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.I thought that this book was very well done. It wasn't a feel good novel and it could be almost hard to read at times. It really felt like an honest book and that is what I really liked about it. It can be really hard to imagine the reality of living with mental illness as Norah does in this story but this book does a nice job of giving the reader something to think about. This was definitely a book worth reading.Norah is a teenage girl that [...]

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