The Taming

The Taming Boredom might be the death of Thystle Moran After you ve killed a god everything else feels ordinary The cryptic note Thystle finds shoved under her door however piques her interest No signature j

  • Title: The Taming
  • Author: A.M. Rycroft
  • ISBN: 9780986088421
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • Boredom might be the death of Thystle Moran.After you ve killed a god, everything else feels ordinary The cryptic note Thystle finds shoved under her door, however, piques her interest No signature, just a reference to a name from her past and a place to meet She can t resist finding out who left the note.The answer leads her on the hunt for a killer with a hatred for vBoredom might be the death of Thystle Moran.After you ve killed a god, everything else feels ordinary The cryptic note Thystle finds shoved under her door, however, piques her interest No signature, just a reference to a name from her past and a place to meet She can t resist finding out who left the note.The answer leads her on the hunt for a killer with a hatred for vampyre kind like her Intrigue and betrayal dog her every step, threatening to keep her from finding the killer before the killer finds her first This is one time her sword alone may not save her.

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    • A.M. Rycroft

      A.M Rycroft is the award winning author of two sword and sorcery dark fantasy series and several horror short stories.Born and raised in the quiet suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pa, she took an early interest in horror and fantasy tales as an escape from the ordinary She wrote her first horror short when she was just nine years old, to the horror of her teachers and her parents No matter how many times her teachers told her serious writers don t write genre fiction, she just kept at it.Rycroft was accepted as a member of the Horror Writers Association in early 2017 and won back to back awards for the third book in her dark fantasy Cathell series, The Joy Thief.

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    • Working both as an exciting fantasy tale and a convincing horror story, The Taming is a fast-paced, well-written novella that all but demands to be read in a single setting. A.M. Rycroft imbues her tale with just enough worldbuilding and history to ground the reader, but allows the strength of Thystle to carry the story.Without giving anything away, I loved the fact that Rycroft took the parasitic approach to vampirism here. Forget your crosses and your holy water, and don't count on daylight to [...]

    • I had the pleasure of receiving an ARC of this wonderful, little novella and if you're looking for a quick and easy fantasy read look no further for the The Tamin by A.M. Rycroft has it all. I was hooked from the very first chapter when Thystle, a vamprye who is mourning her friends death is met by an imp claiming to know who is responsible for the way her friend died. So of course, Thystle sets out for the truth and finds herself in a very dangerous predicament. It features a small range of cha [...]

    • Thystle learns that the death of a friend may not be an accident but a set-up. She searches for the man responsible. The man who is looking for her to carry out his sentence of death of her. I like Thystle. She is a vampyre who lives among humans. She is strong. I like that she is able to be humble and care about others. I like the potential female/female romance that may be beginning here. I like that she is able to be assertive when dealing with others within her vampyre community as well as o [...]

    • Let me start off this book review by saying I received a free copy of The Taming by A.M. Rycroft in exchange for an honest review. The Taming is a quick read about a rather brash and imprudent vampyre named Thystle Moran. She has some emotional baggage that does not help her decision-making process. She runs up against a man who has it in for anyone and anything not human. I had fun reading this one! It was paced well. I think Rycroft did a great job of mixing in enough flashbacks to fill in ba [...]

    • I received The Taming as a review copy in exchange for an honest review.I read Into the Darkness (the first in the series) and fell in love with Thystle, so I was really excited to see a standalone novella just about her. It was great to learn more about Thystle's past, and get a better look at her character. Rycroft manages to balance Thystle as a character, giving her a good number of realistic flaws while keeping her kick-ass nature. Rycroft has unleashed a character on the fantasy genre who [...]

    • PerfectionLoved this just as much as Into The Darkness. Was sad it ended so soon. It has twists and bends and loops abound and will keep you reading to the end. I want more of Thystle and her adventures and loved that we get to learn more about her as a character in this book. I am eagerly awaiting the next installment! Again, if you enjoy Eragon, Narnia, or Lord of the Rings you MUST read these books.

    • I received this book for free in exchange of a honest review as part of the Read It and Reap program ongoin in the Shut up & Read GroupI'm a fantasy addict and I'm used to pick up random books to read, especially in this genre because I'm 99% sure that I'll enjoy it. That's what happened with The Taming. I didn't noticed when I accepted and started to read it that it was a second in a series. Even though it's signed as a second book in The Catchell Series this is a stand alone story. As far [...]

    • I was given an advanced review copy of this book, but this does not in any way influence my review. As someone that is typically not an avid reader of the dark fantasy genre, I was thoroughly surprised at how quickly this book drew me in! I can honestly say you do not have to be a fan of the genre to enjoy the book. The story flowed effortlessly, and the characters were well developed. Simply put, a well-written book that draws you in.

    • The Taming is a great and fast read, a great introduction to the world of dark fantasy. Centered in a wild west type of setting in a world filled with imps, demons, vampyres, and humans, something has gone terribly wrong. Haven is much like Salem, but instead of witch hunters and Mathers, its got vampyre hunters and the Nameless. The action is sharp and concise throughout the story, as is the tale itself. I couldn't put the book down and kept flipping pages deep into the night. Rycroft leaves li [...]

    • I received an ARC of The Taming by A.M. Rycroft for a honest review. The Novella The Taming is a quick and easy read, but doesn’t leave out any of the details. A well written Dark Fantasy full of action, and characters with depth that you can love, or hate. I loved Thystle, a vampyre, with a sarcastic nature, and her need to find out the truth. She can’t take vengeance without knowing who caused her friend's death. The Immortals, a meddling bunch, send an Imp to tempt Thystle into doing thei [...]

    • I wish to thank the author for sharing this in exchange for an honest review Through Read It And Reap.This is book 2 of the Cathell series. I liked the character Thystle Moran, though I wish there was more background info on where she came from. In book 1 we find out she is turned by Wiat at her request. This is a much shorter book of about 70 pages, but even so, it does a good job of setting the scene. There were some slight typos such as in the end of chapter 9 when how is put in instead of [...]

    • Set in the fantasy world of Cathel, the story opens with Thystle Moran- a vampyre sell-sword setting out under the cover of dark, across the streets of Haven to meet an informant who may or may not have information regarding events leading up to the death of her friend, Jonathan.Riddled with guilt about her own part in his death she will stop at nothing to find the truth even if this means she ends up hunted herself by the evil Rohtan, a man so twisted in his hatred for all non human creatures t [...]

    • I picked this book up from Read it & Reap program. Honestly, I really wish that I knew it was the second in the series. It does say that it is a standalone novella but honestly I might have liked it more if I read the first novel. This book is a darker fantasy novel but I wouldn't really consider it that dark. It deals with vampires, imps, and few more interesting creatures. For how long this novella was I was shocked at how long it took me to read. I just couldn't really get into the book. [...]

    • This book wasn't what I expected at all. Even though it's book 2 of a series (I haven't the first) it reads as a standalone and provides enough back story to hook you into the story. The story itself was well put together with an intriguing plot line and a likeable main character. Whilst it is a short story it doesn't necessarily feel like one and the reader does a good job of putting enough description in to give you a clear visual of the world the character's are in. Personally, I think it cou [...]

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