എനിക്കും പറയാനുണ്ടൊരു പ്രണയകഥ | I too had a love story

I too had a love story

  • Title: എനിക്കും പറയാനുണ്ടൊരു പ്രണയകഥ | I too had a love story
  • Author: Ravinder Singh Ubaid
  • ISBN: 9788184234107
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
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    • ✓ എനിക്കും പറയാനുണ്ടൊരു പ്രണയകഥ | I too had a love story || Ø PDF Download by î Ravinder Singh Ubaid
      499 Ravinder Singh Ubaid
    • thumbnail Title: ✓ എനിക്കും പറയാനുണ്ടൊരു പ്രണയകഥ | I too had a love story || Ø PDF Download by î Ravinder Singh Ubaid
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      Published :2019-04-06T13:52:04+00:00

    About “Ravinder Singh Ubaid

    • Ravinder Singh Ubaid

      Ravinder Singh is a software engineer who works with a prominent IT company in India.He was brought up in a very small town of Orissa called Burla After spending most of his life there, he has recently moved to Chandigarh Owing to the Nature of his work, he has visited various parts of the world and he wishes to continue doing the same in future Apart from reading and writing, The Author has a keen interest in working out in the gym Occasionally, he loves playing snooker his favorite game He is crazy about Punjabi Music and loves dancing to its beats I Too Had A Love Story is his debut novel.

    463 thoughts on “എനിക്കും പറയാനുണ്ടൊരു പ്രണയകഥ | I too had a love story

    • Once again, some great reviews is what led me to reading this book. The book, they say, is a true love tale, written by Ravinder out of the despair of losing his girlfriend. But, the writing is irritatingly immature. Considering it a true account, this could have been excused if only it had been written with some confidence. He goes on repeating the phrase 'e i am madly in love with Khushi' over and over again, as if he thinks that a reader might actually not understand it. Another irritating th [...]

    • D title says ‘I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY’ ( Did he really? I ‘m not very sure whether it was love or sum guy gloating over itHe checks out an air-hostess while his ’soulmate’ is dying & has d audacity 2 paint himself innocentu call dis luv??)Guess vat, it is a stupid, stupid book! Riding on d Chetan Bhagat bandwagon, here cums anoder Indian writer wid a so called’ heartbreaking true love tale’. Its d story of Ravin, who falls in luv wid a girl whom he met on a matrimonial site n fi [...]

    • Awfully written novel which killed the story.This book was suggested to me by my dear friend who loved this book. I normally avoid tragic - romance books. But the way my friend described it made me want to give it a try. Here's what happened.Sleep was inevitable. But I somehow managed to read the book, to read the pages that lacked savor. It was a bitter boring read. It was like biting an apple that was about to rot. The story is about the author, Ravi who meets a girl in an internet dating webs [...]

    • I will give this one a five star without being generous. These light-hearted reads had been in the trend in the book sales. And I picked on up before a tiresome overnight journey.The story is indeed good and I will reserve my rating explanation for just the ending. It had me captured and had my attention!Brisking and trotting the tale at his will, Ravinder Singh did a good sound job throwing the ending in the face - right out of the blue.“She died. I survived. Because I survived, I die everyda [...]

    • i read this book a year back or so. a few of my friends actually cried reading this( all of them who did being girls), so i was forced and yeah also out of curiosity i decided to read this book. let me summarise what i understood from this book for youere's this indian techie who falls in love with the girl who he meets on a matrimonial site and unfortunately she dies in an accident before their marriage. it being a true story, i feel sad for this guy. yes i truly do. ok thats all is the storyw, [...]

    • A beautiful story. This book is a simple yet capturing story of Ravin and Khushi.None of the lavish or extravagant stuff. Just a simple story but while reading the book you will realise that author has put his heart and soul in the book.You will remember the book and specially Ravin for sure, for his simplicity,for story,for the emotions he felt for Khushi, for Khushi. If you are in love or are in waiting for your prince/princess you will connect to the story. A book by a person in love - summar [...]

    • the story is touching but i didn't like the narrative nature of storytelling was more informative than literary.

    • My mother's fifteen year old student handed me this book, wanting me to read it, read it and love it as much as he did. When he persisted for a week, I finally decided to give it a go this night. It takes barely a page to understand that it is an uncomplicated and honest story, with easy to relate one dimensional Indian characters. English is bad, editing is worse, but the fact that the author wants to narrate the story 'as is', makes you leave aside all judgement and by the time the book ends, [...]

    • what a waste !! utter nonsense donate that money to any noble cause but don't buy this(i cant even make myself call this a book)dont ask how i got round to reading thiss a long story !!!

    • I fail to understand how a guy can fall in love with a girl whom he hasnt even met. The even more surprising fact is that the family of both the main characters seem cool with it. The repetitive use of shona, love you, and continuous conversations seem more like addiction than love. The part where he continues talking even during take-off is nothing more than childish. The author has made references where he has met the girls family personally while there is not a single instance where the guy's [...]

    • Love stories with a tragic end are beautiful in their own peculair way.Some love stories never die. They remain for generations yet to come to read them againis is one such story.Though I am not the kind who'd read romantic novels on a lazy Sunday morning just to pass time but I knew this one had something special about it even before I started reading it.Boy was the story touching!!? To know it is a true story was even more touching and I could feel the pain the author must have gone through, t [...]

    • Yet another cliché love story with a terrible narrative. One day I made her cry, she cried and then seeing her crying I cried. The sky cried.Did I mention childish and repetitive?I am still asking myself why I picked it up!!

    • Some books take you for a surprise. I was recently browsing a bookshop and came across a lot of young aspiring Indian Authors. Most of them were chicklits and female authors but to find a male author in this selection was a surprise. The title of the book struck a chord with me. Even I too had a love story I picked the book. Haven't never heard about the author nor the book. I felt I should try reading it, and boy did I feel touched. To know its a true story was even more touching and I could fe [...]

    • Touching!!!A friend of mine had recommended it to me Though I've never been a big fan of young Indian authors, I thought, let's give it a try!! Before I started reading, I was in an impression that it's gonna be a normal good read As I started, I found it grippingIt is so beautifully written, I just couldn't resist the urge to read at one go Each feeling of being in love is perfectly and purely described It made me really emotional as it went aheadI wish the love story didn't have to endBut as i [...]

    • I heard my friend warning me to read it carefully as it might make me cry. Yes, I am in love and its complicated. With all the high expectations I started exploring the book. I was disappointed. It is a pure juvenile writing. The author has killed all the emotions. The major hit for the sales could be coz of the story which is highly predictable.The novel is full of passive voices. One day I made her cry, she cried and then seeing her crying I cried. The sky cried. Absolute bullshit. There was n [...]

    • Lame, predictable, lousy and very filmy. Not sure if this is a true story, but it is truly inspired by Chetan Bhagat's writing. I wonder how he managed to write a sequel for such a lame plot! In all, a total waste of time.

    • Hi everyone,i like to read love stories a lot. when i heard about this book from one of my friend, i was pretty excited to read it. so i purchased it & yes from the starting itself it a very different & romantic kind of love story. this book express each feeling in the heart of the author & her girlfriend khushi. it means a lot to know the feeling of a girl & a boy in love. the last 4 to five pages of the book are really very sad & i read it with tears in my eye, as it toches [...]

    • This might just seem offensive but as everyone has been entitled some different frames of reference,so do the reviews differ. I read the book as soon as one of my friends suggested me, and oh my god. Well, honestly I'd call that day a wasted one - just another love story with another predictable plot and a very lovey-dovey narration. I do love the genre romance, yes ILOVEit! Yet, this was a disappointment. I wish I never read this one - never. Opinions may differ,i know, but make a choice before [...]

    • I had seen glimpses of this book here and there on various websites, but did not have the time or reason to give it a read. Recently a friend mentioned that the author is her friend’s relative and its a true story. So I grabbed a copy hoping it would be worth, butI surely was disappointed. The plot is touching indeed, there is no doubt about that. Who wouldn’t want to read a love story about a couple who meet and part by death? The kernel of the story is pretty appealing with attributes like [...]

    • Lovely story! The fact that this is a true story and written in pain and sorrow, you definitely can understand what the author has gone through. This seemed more like a story to let his emotions out than for us to sit and talk about it.

    • first of all, lets not compare Indian authors with the western authors. keeping that in mind, the book is gud and touching. sadly the narration is not up to the mark. you can sympathise with the author but it doesnt go beyond that. there are a few places where the tale gets mushy and u cant help but roll ur eyes. also the comments in the brackets make the book look more like a personal diary than a bestseller. the forced humour is also a turn off at a few places.while reading it, almost every pe [...]

    • good plot, but very very very bad writing. i found myself skipping lines in order to get over with the overly detailed stuff. She was beautiful, we get it. You are in love with her, we get it. Yours is a "unique" story, we get that too. Just get over it already, and move ahead. not at all well written and dragged along. should've hired a ghost writer to write it down. disappointed.

    • i swear, i was emotionally blackmailed to read this book -_-1 star for the story and contentother 1 for the efforts author took to publish and market it to a sensational hit ( total 2 stars for book)last 1 star for the person who demanded me to read it. -_-

    • The author tells his love story through this book. It has a tragic end, which explains the past tense of the title. It is the love story of Ravin and Khushi. The author tells how he met the girl of her dreams and how their love bloomed. But, things doesn't happen as he had thought as destiny had other plans for them. Giving out more about the story would not do justice to any aspiring readers. So, read the book to find out more. Having said that,I must add that if you are looking for a literary [...]

    • Written using extremely simplistic language with stilted and repetitive dialogues that made the story sound at times like a bad play, and at others like a last-ditch attempt infomercial to sell a product that no one wants to buy. Did not hold my attention long enough to make me want to continue beyond the first few pages.

    • Though I appreciate the intent and emotions behind Ravinder's story and the amount of personal courage and desperate longing in writing this, I just can't forgive the bad writing from a obviously first-time writer. While the editors may have decided to let the book follow the natural flow of the author, there's a reason they have a job and a role in the industry.

    • It saddens me what passes for literature these days Ravinder Singh is in need of a thesaurus, a dictionary, and all the Wren and Martin grammar books in the world. Jesus Christ, this is utter crap.

    • To be honest, I havent read books written by Indian authors. This was my first experience and really i didnt know what to expect. A friend of mine who loved this book lent it to me and i thought i could give it a try. I dont regret my decision because i actually liked this book. It was a simple love story with a tragic endingwell we all knew how the story was going to end like that since the title doesnt do much to hide that fact. And yes, I cried during the last moments.(what? im an emotional p [...]

    • I read a few reviews of this book which included criticism for the simplistic language and the pretty slow narrative, but considering the fact that this is a true story and one written in pain and sorrow, you definitely can understand what the author has gone through.When an author writes a story based on his own life, it isn't too fair to expect fast narratives and thrilling plots. This seemed more like a story to let his emotions out than for us to sit and talk about it.Better understood if yo [...]

    • Could any book ever get worse than this, i'm still wondering why so many people love it. This book is an insult to any reader. I'm giving up on these Chetan Bhagat type of writing.

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