The Things We Promise

The Things We Promise There are two things you need to know about me The first is that I remember life by what I was wearing The second is that I think too much It s the early s and all Gemma can think about is looking

  • Title: The Things We Promise
  • Author: J.C. Burke
  • ISBN: 9781760290405
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • There are two things you need to know about me The first is that I remember life by what I was wearing The second is that I think too much.It s the early 1990s and all Gemma can think about is looking perfect for her first school formal Gemma s brother Billy New York s up and coming hair and make up artist has made her the ultimate promise he s returning home especThere are two things you need to know about me The first is that I remember life by what I was wearing The second is that I think too much.It s the early 1990s and all Gemma can think about is looking perfect for her first school formal Gemma s brother Billy New York s up and coming hair and make up artist has made her the ultimate promise he s returning home especially to create magic on her and two friends for their end of year formal Gemma s best friend, Andrea, is convinced it ll be their moment to shine Gemma hopes it s the night Ralph will finally notice her.But when Billy arrives home from New York, Gemma s life becomes complicated Her family s been keeping secrets friendships are forged and broken and suddenly the length of her formal dress is the least of her worries.Set in a time of uncertainty and fear, The Things We Promise is a beautifully told novel that sings with emotion, humour and heartbreak.

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      http facebook pages JC Burke 20821.J.C Burke was born in Sydney in 1965, the fourth of five sisters With writers for parents, she grew up in a world of noise, drama and books, but she decided to become a nurse after her mother lost a long battle with cancer Since Burke started writing in 1999, she has published a number of acclaimed books for teenagers and young adults, including Children s Book Council Notable Books WHITE LIES and THE RED CARDIGAN, Aurealis Awards finalist NINE LETTERS LONG, THE STORY OF TOM BRENNAN, FAKING SWEET, STARFISH SISTERS and OCEAN PEARL THE STORY OF TOM BRENNAN won the 2006 CBC Book of the Year Older Readers and the 2006 Australian Family Therapists Award for Children s Literature It is currently on the NSW HSC syllabus list.PIG BOY is Jane s newest title and was released in May 2011 Jane lives on Sydneytp facebook pages JC Burke 20821

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    • I had such a lot of problems with this book, mostly because it was hella problematic and depressing. I was like a bit shocked/outraged about the storyline by the end?? I don't think it was "unrealistic" per se, but it was justh. It made me angry, I feel like it fell into a TON of problematic tropes regarding minorities (especially lgbtqia+ harmful tropes) and all and all I CAN'T SEE THE POINT OF IT.+ The language is really offensive.I mean, I get it, because you can't censorship the way people a [...]

    • This book is incredibly offensive and triggering, especially for LGBTQIA+ teens.In just 75 pages, I've already gotten red flags against disrespect against your parents, homophobia, slut-shaming, girl on girl hate and insults on mental health.WARNING: the following phrases are taken from the book and incredibly triggering for those suffering from mental health conditions and gay people.This includes:- two characters in the book including the homophobic dad and insensitive best friend have managed [...]

    • This book should never have been written let alone published.I found Gemma to be completely unlikeable. she is self-absorbed, bratty, and far to intent on 'getting off'. I can't say what 16 year olds in 1990 were like but I could not make common ground with this girl at all.And the writing style, what on earth was the author thinking? Such as on page 37 "I stood up, my hungry bum, swallowing my red-striped undies, was on full show for everyone to see. Including Ralph.” There is NOTHING right a [...]

    • As a young queer person, i think its rather absurd to express this novel as "homophobic." The novel expresses the struggles of a marginalised group in keeping with the social standards of the time, which were, sadly, inclusive of homophobia. If the novel were to skirt around the challenges a young queer person faced, I would find it extremely ignorant. It is pivotal in the fight for LGBTQI+ rights that we understand what the queer community has faced in the past, in order to keep moving towards [...]

    • Update: Had a lovely bookclub about this book, which reminded me of how much I love it, and how timely it is, in this moment of a postal vote. JC Burke very clearly aligns herself in the camp of equality and compassion, and the details and layers she builds here to welcome empathy and openness is amazing and inspiring. Read it, people!I have wept all the tears.Lovely writing. Terrific narrator. Sad story.

    • This book reminded me of lots of things I really don't like to think about sometimes in incredibly stark detail. It also broke my heart all over again to think of all the people who really did go through what these characters went through. Even so, I'm glad I decided to read it and I encourage others who read it to be open-minded and think about it in context. This is not a contemporary 2017 YA story, it was set in the early 90s and reflects the society of the time, warts and all. I feel J.C. Bu [...]

    • Growing up in the 1980's and 1990's, there was one advertisement on Australian television that absolutely scared the living daylights out of me, and I still remember it to this very day. It was the Grim Reaper ad that tried to raise awareness of the epidemic that AIDS had become. Reading this book, brought that memory back in full detail, as well as the stigma a lot of people suffered because of AIDS during that time. J.C. Burke presents an honest and sensitive portrayal of what Australian Socie [...]

    • Disgusting, homophobic, and racist. I DNF this book after 1oo pages and can't believe that Allen & Unwin published this trash.

    • If you’re in need of a good cry, this, my friend, is the book for you. I had a couple of niggling minor criticisms, and I want to get those out of the way before I get into what I thought worked really well (and there was a lot that worked really, really well). Stay tuned for the good stuff. (Forgive me. Pregnancy brain’s like: ‘What be review structure? Words is hard. Let’s nap!’)In the beginning, Burke makes a point about fashion being Gemma’s thing. And because of this, the formal [...]

    • My beautiful writerly daughter passes on to me the best of her reading of YA. She knows what I enjoy, so she rarely lets me down regarding that. A ten day cruise to the South Pacific was the ideal time to enjoyably plough through several of her recommendations – Andrew Daddo's 'One Step' and JC Burke's 'The Things We Promise'. I knew, from the experience of my first time on an ocean liner, deliberately eschewing social media for the duration and finding a quiet sunny spot on board, that being [...]

    • 4/5I'm at a loss for words. I have literally just been typing words and erasing them, scratching my head as to what the heck I'm actually going to write. I didn't quite know what I was getting myself into when I picked this book up - all I knew was that it was set in 1990 and that was pretty cool. As I delved deeper in the story I grew more and more invested in its characters, and while I do think that it was a bit slow-going at times and some readers may be offended by the language used, I have [...]

    • Not reading because of homophobia, slut-shaming, girl on girl hate and insults on mental health as outlined in Jeann's review.

    • Oh, this book just captures your heart!It's another of one of those pleasantly surprisingly books but not just 'pleasant' in that woah-its-actually-pretty-good way but in a woah-I-never-knew-that-my-life-has-changed way. We are in the eyes of Gemma, a 16 year old girl looking forward to the day she goes to formal in a beautiful dress and her hair and makeup done by her talented brother, Billy who is living in New York. For about a quarter of the book, you don't actually realise how great the st [...]

    • The Things We Promise is an impactful read. Set in Sydney, during 1990, this story highlights the AIDS epidemic. The story is from the perspective of a teenage girl and follows her in the lead up to her school formal. The countdown to the formal is Intertwined with her relationships with her friends and family. This includes her relationship with her brother and his partner. As history shows, this was a horrifying time for the LGBT+ community. This community faced discrimination at a time where [...]

    • I won this on a Good reads giveaway and was very pleased with the book .On the back it says the book is suitable for 15+ , well, I am 50 years older than the age recommended but I found it a great read. I wish I had something similar available to me when I was a teenager .The book begins in March when the reader learns it is 33 weeks until the Formal at the school attended by Gemma and we are updated throughout the book on the timeline, with the story ending in December . As the story progress's [...]

    • I received my copy of The Things We Promise from a ' giveaway. J.C.Burke has written an absolutely brilliant book. i read it in two days and resented having to put it down. The mood of the 1990's has been perfectly captured with the references to clothes, music, make-up, hairstyles and homophobia. Sixteen year old Gemma is looking forward to the school formal with her friends when her life is turned upside down by her brother's HIV positive result. Her daily life totally changes as she becomes a [...]

    • I received this from as a giveaway. So well written and so heartbreaking in many ways. Love is love no matter what form it takes and the lose of it is devastating. Nobody knows what goes on in another's private life or thoughts and this wonderfully written tale gives us a glimpse of the possibilities for us all. It is the saddest of stories but there were people who rose to the challenge, who were unafraid of giving their affection, support and help to those young men suffering so much and ofte [...]

    • I went into this book knowing I'd cry, but I didn't foresee just how much crying, or how much my eyes would ache from said crying. Omg. 100% recommend (the MC is selfish and annoying at the beginning but that's the point, push through that).

    • This book. I spent a solid 4/5hrs reading through it. Bordering on tears from about 1/3 of the way through. Such a poignant, beautifully written book. I can't praise it more!

    • This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon . Please head there for more in-depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.During the height of the HIV and AIDs epidemic in the 1990s, Gemma is blissfully ignorant of any health issues that could be going on in her home town of Sydney. Her worst concerns are who she will hang out with school and what kind of hairdo she is going to have her brother Billy do for her formal.I’ll be the first to say that a lot of the lan [...]

    • Utterly gut-wrenching. I bawled my eyes out over and over, but what an incredible, beautiful story. To these 1 star reviews calling the book homophobic - fuck. off. Burke manages to capture how truly deadly homophobia is and was in the 90s (and now!). I'm quite sure none of these people have a lived experience, so am all too happy to dismiss them. Must-read for all young queer people - we can't afford to forget our history.

    • Sometimes I enjoy an unlikeable female character. There's something subversive about it given our general expectations as a society. It particularly fits in this case as such Gemma faces some pretty gruelling life moments. 90s nostalgia was a bonus.

    • An important story that Burke handles with care, but somehow the overall "why am I worrying about formal when something important is happening" theme just didn't grab me.

    • This is truly a wonderful book. The first 100 pages were difficult to get through, but I'm glad I persevered. This book is thought-provoking and features some amazing, well-developed characters. To someone today, it might seem "homophobic", but the book is set in the 90s, and the negative attitudes are a reflection of the time. Please give this beautiful book a chance!

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