Blind Beauty

Blind Beauty Tessa has major attitude and an impossible dreamnot a greatcombination for success But she believes that fate has delivered the ungainly horse Buffoon to her and Tessa is determined never to be separ

  • Title: Blind Beauty
  • Author: K.M. Peyton Nicki Paull
  • ISBN: 9781740933926
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Tessa has major attitude and an impossible dreamnot a greatcombination for success But she believes that fate has delivered the ungainly horse Buffoon to her, and Tessa is determined never to be separated from him What s , she intends to one day become a jockey and ride Buffoon in the Grand National But how can a girl with a violent temper and a can t do philosophyTessa has major attitude and an impossible dream not a greatcombination for success But she believes that fate has delivered the ungainly horse Buffoon to her, and Tessa is determined never to be separated from him What s , she intends to one day become a jockey and ride Buffoon in the Grand National But how can a girl with a violent temper and a can t do philosophy gain the physical strength, courage, and money needed to become a jockey especially when her stepfather would like nothing better than to see her fail Determination and grit may not be enough but Tessa s not going to let go without giving it her all.

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      183 K.M. Peyton Nicki Paull
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      K.M. Peyton Nicki Paull Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Blind Beauty book, this is one of the most wanted K.M. Peyton Nicki Paull author readers around the world.

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    • I adore KM Peyton as a writer, if I am having a bold day I would say she is my favourite writer. Now she is predominantly known for her equine novels, this in my mind is the finest example and one of my favourite books of all time (ranking along there with such classics as Anne of Green Gables). Now this may/will contain spoilers but you have been pre-warned here. Blind Beauty is the heart enchantingly delightful tale of an emotionally abused teenage girl meets decrepit looking racehorse. Howeve [...]

    • Blind Beauty is a heart warming story about a girl who finds the horse she owned as a child when she was a teenager. She gets asighned groom to the horse and finds out that this was the blind horse that she knew as a child. Overjoyed, She begs and pleads for the horse. She starts to get to ride her agein. She was very happy. After a few months of working with him, She got told that the horse was mostly hers. Now, She knew that this horse could compete in the Grand Nationals. With a step-Dad that [...]

    • KM Peyton is undoubtedly one of the most competent contemporary writers of horse fiction (of any age) out there with a distinct style of prose and a refreshingly realistic view of the horse world. As far as 'pony books' are concerned a parent with literary standards looking for a well written novel for a middle grade or teenage horse rider is well served buying this book. So, why 'only' the 3 stars? Two reasons and they are purely to do with this reader's personal conviction and subsequent likes [...]

    • Tessa fits in nowhere with a horrible stepfather and a bad record of getting kicked out of boarding schools. Her stepfather arranges for her to work at a stable and she falls in love with horses. The characters in this book are so interesting; they come right off the page into your imagination. There are many things going on; the growing up of Tess from anti-social to social, the horrible stepfather and her mother's relationship and the other people who work at the riding yard. The riding yard c [...]

    • Surprisingly, I have read this book while overlooking Black Beauty, possibly because the horse in the story is a gorgeous sun-tanned chestnut (I love brown horses for some slightly unknown reason). I absolutely LOVE horses, so it was really no shock that I fell in love with this book. On its face, the topic its self was enough to win me over, but I loved how complex the book became when entwined with romance. A gripping tale of mystery, ever-lasting-love, and the incredible friendship of a horse [...]

    • This is one of my favorite books. I must have read it at least twenty times(Which is big seeing as with 99% of other books I cant read something when I already know the story line). I love Tessa, how strong willed she is. And Buffoon is such a cutie(at least in my head). I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I love it that much.

    • I swear I cried more at this book than I have at any other book. It may just be very personal, this book reflects all of the things I have felt about horses in my life in such an honest, heart-wrenching way I couldn't articulate. And the ending is what I needed.

    • One of my favourite books from childhood that I still continue to enjoy immensely on every reread. Such a beautiful story.

    • Of Bad Attitudes And DreamsTessa has always had attitude problems, and her step father isn't helping any. After being kicked out of boarding school, it looks like she has nowhere to go. Then she finds the stable. A horse racing stable, to be more exact. It's here that Tessa gets wrapped up in the wonderful world of horses, and when Buffoon comes along, the odd pair begin a partnership that could have them in the winners circle. The only problem is that Buffoon is nearly blind, and when Tessa's s [...]

    • Tessa is a character any kid can relate to, and her goal to prove her spiteful stepfather wrong and ride her beloved horse becomes a powerful novel of understanding, rebellion, coming-of-age and having the power to do anything.

    • Tessa is obsessed with horses and uses that absorption to escape from difficulties with her family but she may be in over her head when she decides to train a nearly-blind horse to race in the Grand National.

    • This story is for animal lovers. It's incredible, as Tess's journey through. Her happy life at the beginning, to her father disturbed step father. Her achievements are outstanding and you will be left shell-shocked by her bravery and determination.

    • Read as part of my bookshelf cleaning.This book took me a little while to get into, but once it got me, it got me GOOD. The plot was much more mature than I expected and I really enjoyed it as a non-traditional coming of age story. However, I was a bit bothered by randomly changing perspectives, no solid time period or location and random time jumps. Overall a good book for horse lovers or just animal lovers.

    • Blind Beauty is the story of a young teenager called Tessa who is lost in the world. She has been expelled from several schools, no school will have her and she has a stepfather who doesn’t care about her or her Mother, only about horseracing and making money. Tessa longs to be reunited with her real father and have her childhood life back. One day Tessa meets a horse called Buffoon at the local racing stables where she works. Unknown to anyone Buffoon is blind. She feels that there is somethi [...]

    • As a school child i wanted to read a novel about a horse that was going to be an easy read, interesting and beautifully written as i not only had a love for horses but an already ever increasing deep apreciation for literature. Blind Beauty was a novel that i read so many times that my copy is now being held together in its fragile state with a lot of selotape to help prevent it from falling apart and disintergrating the next time that i decide to pick it off the bookshelf to read once more. The [...]

    • I think Blind Beauty is a really great book that captures the essence of love. Who needs men to make a love story?!Tessa is a stubborn, rude, naughty, arrogant young girl who has a passion for horses. At a young age she bonded with a eyeless horse called Shiner. Time progresses (as it does frequently and in vast amounts throughout the book) and she is taken away from her beloved horse. But after a few more time progressions, and expulsions ("exclusions") from various schools, she finds herself l [...]

    • When I was little, I tried to convince my parents that we did indeed have room for a pony in the backyard That part of me has always been a sucker for horses and horse books, and this one is no exception. Tessa's parents give her sole care and keeping of a blind foal when she is young. Tessa loved the horse (Shiner) desperately. Divorce and re-marriage removed her from Shiner but through a series of circumstances she is introduced to the ugliest horse ever. Once Tessa figures out that this is Sh [...]

    • Incredibly disappointing take on National Velvet for the 21st century. Now, I realize that as a woman in my late 40s, I'm not exactly in K.M. Peyton's target market, but COME ON. What parallel universe is this supposed to be set in? The events described would never happen in the real world, that's for sure. The ridiculousness in the life of a steeplechaser and the high-spirited girl who loves him is almost breathtaking. It's like a train wreck in prose with horses.

    • This was my favorite book as a child, and I recently picked it up again for a re-read. It's just as fantastic as I remember. K.M Peyton certainly has a talent for writing, especially horse books. The book gives a realistic view on the world of steeplechasing, and presents an exciting plot with interesting, dynamic characters. I really appreciate how the focus of this book remains on Tessa--overcoming her personal challenges, her love for her horse, and her goal of getting her jockey license and [...]

    • I have read this book many times over the years. Even though I am no longer as interested in horses as I used to be, I still find this a truly inspiring book about perseverance and going for what you want. Most books like this would normally have a romance as a focus in the storyline but not this one, instead the romance is kept to a minimum, used to improve the main character, Tessa's, drive to accomplish her goals and make her a better person. I would 10/10 recommend this to anybody looking fo [...]

    • I actually 'read' this book as an audio book in the car. I think it is intended as a book for young adults, but it was still enjoyable to listen too. The main character, Tess, is an extremely troubled child and deals with her fear, anger, and insecurity by lashing out in an often very violent manner. This gets her in trouble both at home and at school. How a horse and the kindness of strangers provide a home and security for her is the heart of the story.

    • This was such a beautiful story that captured my love for horses even more. I cried and cried and cried, feeling the great emotion for the story line. I could tell the love for horses from the writer's words and this got me hooked. The storyline moved at a perfect pace for the age that I was reading this at (I think about 12/13?). I love this book and the author. This book also introduced me to all the other books by this wonderful author like Flambards.

    • I read this book when I was younger and smack in the center of my obsessed with horses phase. It really resonated with me and I remember enjoying it very much. Thinking about it now and remembering all that's in it, I may have been a little young for the content, but I was for quite a lot of the books I read at that age. This book is due for a reread and I can't wait.

    • This book goes so much further than most the horse and girl books. Tessa's emotions come through the pages and are really powerful. I also remember liking that it didn't feel too cliched or sappy. Well worth reading particularly if you like horse and girl books but are a bit sick of the usual format.

    • Really enjoyed this. It read very like a Dick Francis novel - all horses & jump racing. Great atmosphere & emotional coming-of-age stuff. Have read and collected most of Peyton's books and this one was definitely an improvement on Snowfall one of the few of her books that let me down. Really must re-read some Peyton's soon!

    • Okay as a person who is not overly keen on horses books this one totally change my prospectus its gripping and I fell in love with the character Tess and her stubborn ways and of course the magical story line. I loved every sentence and really loved this book! It brought a very rare tear to my eye and by the end of the book I was in floods of tears. LOVED IT

    • Refreshing and realistic horse nature in this story told from someone who genuinely knows horses. Some parts were far-fetched but that was where the story needed to go.Kept my interest and doesn't get too dated.

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