The Heart Echoes

The Heart Echoes Swedish sisters Astrid Lena and Sandra have struggled to get along since childhood but when Lena is diagnosed with ovarian cancer they are each thrown into crisis together Astrid s well ordered p

  • Title: The Heart Echoes
  • Author: Helena von Zweigbergk Tiina Nunnally
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Swedish sisters Astrid, Lena, and Sandra have struggled to get along since childhood, but when Lena is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, they are each thrown into crisis together.Astrid s well ordered, predictable world is shaken by the return of her ex boyfriend Michael, an American who abandoned her and their infant son years earlier While Astrid has remarried and had Swedish sisters Astrid, Lena, and Sandra have struggled to get along since childhood, but when Lena is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, they are each thrown into crisis together.Astrid s well ordered, predictable world is shaken by the return of her ex boyfriend Michael, an American who abandoned her and their infant son years earlier While Astrid has remarried and had children, she is suffocating under her husband s kindness and cannot escape the pull of the past Seeing Michael at their son s high school graduation reawakens her grief and rage, along with complicated and threatening emotions.Envious of Astrid s seemingly stable life, Sandra is married to an alcoholic and drowning in debt She turns to Lena for help at the worst possible time Lena, fighting to stay alive, must finally confront a devastating secret she s kept from Astrid since the summer Michael left As the walls they ve built between them crumble, the three sisters must try to forgive and to rebuild their shattered bonds while there s still time.

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      171 Helena von Zweigbergk Tiina Nunnally
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    • Not a quick readThis was not an easy book for me to get through. I started it once but put it aside for new books that caught my fancy. Last week I decided it was time to clean up all the unread 'orphan books in my kindle and I categorized all of them as currently being read on thinking that would shame me into finally reading them all. I am a voracious reader and thought I would have accomplished my goal in a week. This book took 5 days to complete. Sometimes I just had to put the book down be [...]

    • This is easily the worst book I've attempted to read in years. Maybe it's the translation, but the language is stilted and odd. I didn't like any of the main characters in the book. The plot revolves around the dysfunctional relationship between 3 sisters and their history of betrayal, lies, passive aggressive interactions, and selfishness. The lesser characters are one-dimensional. The entire book is made up of the character's thoughts, and very little else, the plot unfolds as in turn we get t [...]

    • This was my Kindle First choice for August. It was a little slow and repetitive in places but I liked it and would definitely read this author again. Apparently she's written a lot but this is the first translated into English from the Swedish. The three sisters featured are all very different. I was one of three and it's a bad number, really. As two of them tended to gang up on the third, we did too. It was a different pair at different times but one was always left out of what two were maybe g [...]

    • The Heart Echoes opens with Astrid, the eldest of three sisters, purchasing cheese for the family party she is hosting to celebrate Viktor's graduation from high school. She wants everything to be perfect. Unfortunately, she is far from being the perfect wife and parent she wants to be. As we meet Astrid's sisters and mother it becomes apparent that there is a strong undercurrents of tension in heir relaionships wih each other. Throw in the complication of Michael, Viktor's biological father, wh [...]

    • This is a heartfelt story of three sisters and long ago buried secrets. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, especially as it was set in Stockholm in one of my 'hometowns' and favourite cities in the world!

    • The heart echoesI really liked this book. The characters are relatable in their flaws and in their strengths. The book is written from each sisters point of view, which f for me, made it more interesting and allowed me to see each sisters version of life. The ending came to soon and abruptly for my liking. That is the reason behind the 4 stars.I would recommend this book to anyone with a complicated family whom they love regardless of their flaws.

    • A lovely, sometimes heart-wrenching, story of sisters who have loved and lost, kept secrets, and found their selves along the way.

    • Only my inability to stop a book once I've started it could make me finish this book. The writing seemed kind of choppy until I got used to it, I'm not sure if this is because it was translated to English. The book is related separately by all three characters which makes it seem repetitive. With the exception of Henrik, Astrid's husband, who is too good for her and Lena who is dying, the characters are miserable, unlikable people with messy lives and dysfunctional relationships. There is some r [...]

    • Not goodUnlikeable & under developed characters. There was no real plot I chose this as my kindle first pick for August and wish I chose something else. I struggled to finish it.

    • Not really my type of book but the characterizations were well done. Three sisters, all of whom have found what they thought was a great love but that they do not have at the moment. One sister is dying and they all end up looking closely at what they had and lost. I really didn't like the ending but it was what would or could have happened. Interesting in how they thought the other sisters thought about what they were--and how they really perceived each other.

    • This is not a book laden with beautiful moments and happy endings. Flawed characters rich with flawed choices unwind their tale in a multiple perspective narrative. It's elegant and too real, the sisters and their families unraveling in self absorbed misery.Affection for the characters didn't draw me in, but curiosity about what would happen next. Not all of my favorite characters are good people, but they can still be captivating.The story keeps circling back to early or lost loves, how yesterd [...]

    • The story line was interesting. Three sisters who suddenly have to face the decisions they have made in the past that have taken them to the point where they are in life, while dealing with the illness of a loved one.I was looking forward to reading the book, but I found it disappointing. The characters of the the three sisters are well fleshed out, but there seems to be some contradiction in the way the characters act at times, which is okay, because few people are consistent in their reactions [...]

    • A Hard Book to ReviewFirst, the pros of this book:The story is excellent. I could easily see this made into a movie. It moved me to tears. It was a five star story.Now, the cons:At first, I thought it might have been the translation that was the problem. The book reads in such a stiff manner. But I think it has more to do with being written in the present tense. It's so, in your face. To make matters worse, we must continuously hear the same timeline role over and over again in each of the siste [...]

    • This was a free Kindle monthly book, and certainly not the worst I’ve read out of that series. The novel focuses on the lives of three Swedish sisters with very different lives and circumstances - from the stylish and controlled Astrid with a perfect family life, to dancer Sandra and businesswoman Lena. We learn more about each with different chapters written in different voices, as a family tragedy exposes secrets from the past. It is a well written book, with an interesting Swedish setting, [...]

    • The same events are seen thru the eyes of each character. For example, each character tells their perspective of what happens at a high school graduation. This format continues thru the story. It gets a little boring. Several times I thought 'if this keeps on, I think I'll quit reading this book'. But there was a enough interest (or something) to keep reading til the end. Many of those perspectives could have been eliminated and made the story shorter and more interesting. There were times when [...]

    • ReflectionsAt first I wasn't sure about this book, this selection. As a daughter a sister and not a mother it evokes much in the way of confusion and clarity at the same time. I saw myself though each of the women's eyes even if I did not live this life.Strength comes not from living a lie, it comes from standing in absolute truth even when it hurts. You just have to find the courage inside to find it. We as women are much stronger together if we would only look past the external things we belie [...]

    • True sistersThe author must herself be one of three sisters. She captures the nuances of sisterhood effortlessly. Her women , with all their imperfections, are so real; we know each of them intimately from the very first pages, from petty jealousy to unconditional love. The death of one must be the death of the two that are left. Their lives are so changed and irreconcilable from before to after that they can't be maintained. All in all a most fascinating read filled with insights into what it m [...]

    • Having just returned from Stockholm, I wanted to add to that experience, and this book did it. The story of these three sisters, bound by a few family secrets and shared experiences from different perspectives, was very enjoyable. I do wonder how the translation affected the reading experience. I loved re-envisioning Stockholm's oldest area with it's narrow alley's, tightly-spaced buildings, and cobblestone streets. I could see those picnics, the food on the tables, and experience the weather. Z [...]

    • Separation and connectionAt times I wanted to shout at the characters to tell them to get on with it.go ahead, all of you, devolve into your worst selves, if you must, but hurry up, finish the job! I felt that every character was so damned morose. The one spark of joy is a daughter dancing, and the adults involved merely used it as cannon fodder. I have no idea why I kept reading. And then there was a great love, so large it spanned oceans. Then the gathering of sisters, trying to move beyond th [...]

    • Keep a hanky handy!This is a touching, thoughtful story about three sisters who, like all siblings, have their ups and downs, their misunderstandings and their moments of clarity. Each has their own separate life, but also their communal life, with all the joys and sorrows and betrayals and forgiveness that come with being part of the family that we don't get to choose. It centers around an illness, so keep the hanky handy! Well worth the read.This is the author's first novel to be translated in [...]

    • I came upon this book when looking for something of substance to read. This story of three sisters and their mother dealing with the impending death from ovarian cancer in one sister was played out against other life crises each faced. It reinforces the point that everyone's life has tensions that they may try to keep below the surface but that eventually erupt. Had the sisters and other characters in the book been able to be more honest about their lives, perhaps they could have helped each oth [...]

    • A story with no upsI read a lot of books and my mood can be greatly influence by them, if you are the same way - take caution before reading. The story in itself is good but depressing and can make you oddly reflective, if you let it. The book has also been translated so it can get a little off when you're reading from a character's perspective and suddenly it's in the third person.

    • Perhaps I'm being generous because it was my Kindle First selection so I didn't have to pay for the book. I could see the potential of this book and its plot. But, like others have said, the writing is very stilted and formal. I think it is the translation from Swedish. I didn't like any of the characters besides Henrik. I struggled through the book but, ultimately, I could see how this could be a very good book and that's why it gets three stars.

    • The story of three Swedish sisters during the summer one of them is dying. The theme seems to be “coming into one’s true self” through adversity. Interesting, if not very likable, characters. The book was a fail for me because I couldn’t overcome the air of Scandinavian gloom that permeates the pages. I did love some of the author’s metaphors and a few sharp insights. But not enough to send me down the path again.

    • I'm wondering if this story lost something in the translation. I found the characters unsympathetic with the exception of Lena who was dying of cancer, not something I care to read about. I didn't like how Astrid treated her children or husband and carrying a torch for her former love was ridiculous. The best part was the ups and downs of the relationship between the sisters and how that grew and changed over time. If you like family sagas you may like this book.

    • Absolutely loved it!If you are a fan of family drama and secrets, this is the perfect book for you. It was definitely a page turner and I love how the author gave a point of view from each family member. Best book I've read in a long time, and the ending was very appropriate, never leaving you guessing of how things would turn out. I love books with a solid ending and this one has one.

    • The reviews on this are all over the board so I wasn't sure when I started if I would like it. It took me a while to get into the story and to care about the characters. It deals with so much that we all must face. How we treat each other, mortality, how things don't always come out ok. It slowly pulled me in.

    • Not a great book, very slow. Little patience or tolerance for Astrid who seems to have so much to be happy about but is wallowing in self pity and general unhappiness. Everyone is so unnecessarily and unreasonably unhappy. As the oldest of 3 sisters myself, I found some of their issues/gripes/sensitivities relatable. But overall, a disappointing book.

    • So beautifully written, it had me sobbing the last few chapters. The dynamics among the three sisters was well portrayed. I'll definitely look for this author again!So beautifully written, it had me sobbing the last few chapters. The dynamics among the three sisters was well portrayed. I'll definitely look for this author again!

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